Why It’s a Good Idea to Buy Brian and Sonia a Beer

Why It’s a Good Idea to Buy Brian and Sonia a Beer

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  1. Wow, that’s a pretty serious lineup with some amazing topics. I’ve heard that Dave doesn’t ever put anything on sale once the price goes up.

    When these people started were there any resources even slightly similar to this available? I always wonder if these top professionals made it on their own or if they had other people guiding them along their trip too.

    BTW Brain (since I know you’ll read this), I know a couple of great places to get a beer when you get back to Dallas. 😛

  2. @Blake, this will sound like the cheeziest answer ever, but when I started, one of my key resources was Copyblogger. (Before I started writing here.)

    I’m friends with about 2/3 of the folks on Dave’s roster, and most of us basically figured it out on our own, made a lot of mistakes, watched what worked and tried to quit doing what didn’t work, and read lots of old-school books on marketing and copywriting. Also known as the “slow and painful way.” 🙂

  3. @Sonia – Who doesn’t love slow and painful?

    It’s like an ugly blog that doesn’t promote but has great content… You’ll eventually build a following, but it’s so much faster to make a pretty blog and promote, promote, promote!

    Time is money… And I guess that’s where these calls come in; you get to learn how to make your blog or site pretty and especially how to promote most effectively?

  4. I bought this the moment I found out about it, partly because I’m a Dave Navarro fan, partly because of Brian and Sonia’s involvement, and partly because I never miss a chance to learn something from Pam Slim.

    I have listened to the first couple of sessions, and they are pure gold. Not only are these folks superstars, but they are definitely bringing their A game to this project, and Dave is a superb interviewer.

    @Sonia — since you mentioned old-school marketing…I would say the most relevant cliche tagline for this product is…”A Bargain at Twice the Price!”

    No, but seriously…these conversations are the perfect mix of inspiration and practical tips. Check em out.

  5. Very cool, George!

    I’m looking forward to the workbooks as well, as Dave always does a great job with them.

  6. @ Shane — I think the brand should be extended to include also “Copyblogger Lager”

  7. Site works fine now. I owe Sonia and Brian ten beers each.

    Great article! One of these days I’m gonna check out the BlogWorld and New Media Expo.
    I love Copyblogger!

  8. Like George, I’m one of the 27% 🙂 I strongly believe in learning from people who’ve reached the place I’d like to be in.
    I’ve been listening to the calls while making dinner. I don’t have enough time or energy to implement all the good ideas I’ve learned so far. So I’m also looking forward to the work books. Maybe they’ll help me take the next steps without getting overwhelmed.

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