Sour to Sweet: An Advisor Who Transforms Businesses

Sour to Sweet: An Advisor Who Transforms Businesses

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  1. Raul,

    Congrats on the success! It’s great to see someone love what they do.
    Keep going with the “lemons into lemonade” theme I really enjoyed it.
    Your service seems well focused, but I’m very curious as how you plan to keep up with the content creation portion of your service. As you scale up do think it could become difficult to cultivate the same quality of co-creation and input around the blog posts and copy for your clients?

    Thanks for sharing

    • Dan,

      Yes I love what I do. I love even more being part of such cool communities like this one.

      Yes it is well focused and we are currently making some changes to focus on our core strength. We identified creating wordpress themes and making those websites work being the main one.

      For the content creation part we only take a few clients on that side. Of industries and companies we know so well we feel we are part of them. We also have some pretty awesome strategic partners. They help us depending on the client’s needs. This allows us to make sure our clients are in good hands and we can help project manage instead of doing all the leg work.

      We are currently in the mid stages of rebuilding our website and personal blog to reflect that.

      Thanks again for the comment.

  2. It’s great to see Raul in the spotlight.

    I was finally able to meet him in person at the last Rainmaker Authority event in Denver. We had known each other through Chris Brogan and had exchanged communications.

    Raul is good people.

    The Franchise King®

    • Very grateful for you and Patrick for saving me from that crazy AirBnb location.

      Thanks for always being one of the folks supporting me in all my projects.

      A big hug to you brother.

  3. Some serious chest thumping going on here by seeing well deserved recognition of my fellow countryman. Raúl, I admire everything you do, but above all, your sense of purpose and commitment to the highest ethics. The Copyblogger community is richer because of you.

    • Since 2012 I have counted with someone unconditionally for many things. I am glad you have been one of the few who have been there supporting me. Thank you brother.

  4. lemons into lemonade! I liked it, its sounds like the roots are bitter and the fruit is sweet!.
    Congrats on your success! It’s good to follow your heart and many proves it is true.For this just inspirational!

    • Great analogy on the roots and fruits.

      Yes thanks to the many from this community and great friends I have been able to listen and follow my wife.

  5. Congrats on this profile Raul!

    Pretty exciting to see you written up here. I’ve really admired how you used the conference last year not just to meet people, but start relationships which you’ve continued to grow over time. You’ve been diligent at checking in with me and I’m sure others, post conference. Happy to see your business is doing well.

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