The Secret Code Word is “Buffalo”

The Secret Code Word is “Buffalo”

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  1. I’m just about to do this for ” several ” of our 14 blogs.

    I’m creating a free info-product to get them on my list and get them used to me emailing them with more free info-products, over time, with OTO’s thrown in very sparsely.

  2. Great article, but one super minor correction. Doesn’t he say buck-o-noodles? Not bucket, would be funny if it really was a giant bucket.

  3. Heh, Michael, I think you’re right. He’s eating out of one of those noodle cups though, so I think I just wanted it to be called “bucket o’ noodles.”

    Ah well, I’ll leave it as is, just cuz it’s funny to me. 🙂

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