How to Get Your Blog the Traffic it Deserves (Check out the Sweet Trailer)

How to Get Your Blog the Traffic it Deserves (Check out the Sweet Trailer)

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          • Great advice!

            I was of course just teasing with my above comment too, I’m sure you would be able to build a successful blog without any promotion from Copyblogger, I’ve followed your writing for a while and your skill speaks for itself.

            Can’t wait until it launches! Any ETA on the first post?

      • Genius Jon (can I call you that?),

        Without a product, or an offer, or even a website, I’m in.

        The pressure’s on now GJ (yep I’ve shortened it already), with so much bated breath, I fear that when your site does launch the mass exhalation may have an effect on the ozone.

        If not for us, think of the ozone GJ. Launch soon 🙂

      • Indeed, or some would call it a vision, or a mission statement. There needs to be a compelling reason you’re doing it all, otherwise you’ll never get through the hard bits.

  1. Good move.

    I’m in already, waiting for the opening post.

    Judging by your written posts here at CopyBlogger and other places, the inaugural post at your new address, will be a bang.

    Let’s say: 500 comments, 2,500 tweets, and 5,000 facebook like. Is that a tall expectation?

    You can say that I’m impatiently waiting, looking proudly steal and shamelessly copy all your successful moves.

    It’s a pleasure to interact with you, and all the beautiful people at CopyBlogger.

    I wish you the very best, Jon.

  2. Great trailer, Jon.

    With your new blog, I’m sure I’ll be able to climb a mountain, rekindle a lost romance, cure a disease and start a peace movement. (wink)

    Looking forward to reading it. Good luck!


  3. The only off-note in the whole thing was the prim little voice from Aweber saying, “Please check your inbox now…” Too bad he couldn’t have had the momentous soundtrack behind him, too!

  4. Fantastic idea! This is something that is SO needed to help us little fish grow up to be big and strong 🙂

    I’m really looking forward to seeing more about this and following your posts.

    Keep up the great work.


  5. I must admit I am eagerly anticipating this launch. I’ve only started to follow your work recently but I’ve quickly became an eager fan of your writing and your knowledge on blogging. Being a novice blogger myself your tips are invaluable to me as I am working hard to take my little humble home online to the next level. Kudos on your new venture. Kudos to you Jon.

  6. I’m willing and eager to follow you! I am but a humble servant of the blogosphere – please instruct me.

    What are your goals with the new blog?

  7. This is quite the popular topic lately.

    I see how you’ve done it here. Make the big announcement to direct to a landing page with video and a signup form.

    Engage with video.
    Build your list before you launch the content.

    I guess that’s lesson 1!

  8. Straight up awesome. Just signed up. I was actually wondering why this hadn’t happened sooner. Love your work, Jon, and can’t wait to learn more from you.

  9. Oh I’m sure Sonia is the sweetest thing 😉 but Brian, well…. now it’s all coming out (only joking ugys. love you really :))

    Good luck with the new venture Jon – will be heading over to check you out!


  10. While this post was just to highlight the launch of something new. I should definitely pat your back on writing it in such a way that makes you stick rather than feeling as an Ad….

    Also you said u are branching to launch a blog. By the initial impressions it looks like an info product !

  11. Any new break away needs lots of support and validation. Congrats and keep heading toward your dreams. I’m sure you can teach me a lot.

    And it is great when your friends help to light your booster rockets. I do have a little reservation about one supporter, James Chartrand who writeth funnily. He writes: “You know that scene in when Harry met Sally….” Not sure what to make of that. New dialect? New online jive talk? Bad sentence structure and grammar?

    Oh, well maybe that’s some of what I have to learn about traffic. What ever hooks the audience is good. Use it.

  12. Hehe, at first I thought – well this post by itself is already awesome marketing. And then I saw the trailer – THE TRAILER FOR A BLOG – what a way to start with a bang! Truly looking forward to it, Jon!

  13. I’m currently pissed, not by spammers and hacks, but by MIshka the talking dog who I saw on NBC news tonight. 55 million you tube hits for ‘I love you’ and I write thousands of words and get doodly squat. Ah, the cruel mistress that is the internet….

  14. Hi! Well, I’m sure you are going to do outstanding job. But if you really want to teach people how to start a successful it’s a little unfair to that on copyblogger. Because not everybody can do that. On the other hand you are absolutely right, if can announce a new project in a higly visible place you should take you chance :).

    • I’m sorry, but “you can do that but I can’t” is the oldest excuse in the book, and it’s a bad one. I can see how it would feel that way, but the truth is, everybody CAN find a highly visible place to announce their blog, if they want to. You just have to spend time building a relationship with them, so they are willing to help you.

      • And the great thing about people with audiences is that they’re always looking for stuff to share with those audiences. Sometimes a polite email conversation is enough.

      • @JM: It’s not an excuse. Personally I started blogging just for fun and only later it became “part of my business”. When I started to contact people from my niche, most of them knew my blog and it was quite easy to convince them about anything. But if you’ve never been blogging before and nobody knows your nick, it’s really hard to find anybody to say: “Yeah, you are welcome to post in my space!”
        What you did here is a great shortcut but I’d like tu see one single newbie who started the blog in your way. I repeat, you did a great job in the past and now you can take your opportunity … but does it mean that the best way to start a blog is to work for a long time for someone else?

        • Jon started as a newbie just like all of us did. We all have to put the work in, one way or another. It doesn’t have to take a million years, but it’s not Overnight Success Million Dollar Cash Secrets either.

          If you hustle, you can make those connections and start benefiting within months, not years.

  15. I was all excited about the trailer, and then I get hit with the unsupported Flash warning message!

  16. Hi Jon!
    I’ve signed up – been reading your posts here for a while so I know the is going to be worth it!
    Oh, and can I say this is one of the best blog trailers I’ve seen in a while.

  17. Wow Jon, that trailer give me goosebumps – I’m a geek when it comes to online businesses and good video trailers. Can’t wait for your new online magazine to launch. Congrats and best of luck!

  18. Wow! For starters, that trailer kicks a–! This is terrific news, long overdue and I’m sure we will all be better for it! Looking forward to it….

    Best of luck,


  19. That was an epic trailer! You must be so proud that there are so many blogging heavyweights having such complimentary things to say about you. I’ve signed up to your notification list and wait eagerly in anticipation of the launch!

  20. You are not the only one who is pissed off. I wanted to enter into this business because its the kind of writing I enjoy. I have spent close to a $1000 at AWAI to learn the correct way of copywriting. However in the process I have been learning about internet marketing in a good way and bad way. I have registered with Click Bank and not sure if Harvey Segal is good info or more bling. I just recently received my blog domain with word press “” I think word press is a good thing…..I hope. But…..I have been reading every word from you and Sonia which seems the best thing I have done lately…….and it is still all confusing as all hell because of all the bling bling people out there. What I thought might be fun is starting to turn into a night mare. I am not looking for a fast dollar, just a real legimate internet marketing business. The problem is all the bling people have made it almost impossible for us newbies……but I guess that is what they actually want to do!

  21. I was lucky enough to have Jon call and give me some tips on my blog back when it had just a few hundred subscribers…and now it has nearly 10x as many.

    All I can say about Jon is…just sign up.

    Can’t wait to see what you’ve got for us on the new site, Jon!

  22. Wow!

    I came over to this site(Via the above article) looking for How to increase blog traffic tips, I was met with a promotional video for a site launch, that resembles an emotion filled Movie release.

    All that was missing was ” Coming to a theater near you”………at the end of the clip.

  23. Jon … I just signed up for your new blog and I’m waiting to see if you really, really, really can help me increase my traffic and list sign ups – or if you are just another one of the hundreds of “fake” marketers out there trying to make a quick buck from affiliate marketing etc.
    I’m waiting …

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