Beyond Conversion Tips and Techniques: Do You Believe in What You’re Selling?

Beyond Conversion Tips and Techniques: Do You Believe in What You’re Selling?

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  1. Brian,

    Which came first — Blogging or Transparency?

    Authenticity and personal experience is a powerful force in the context of this medium, in a way we’ve never seen before.

    Learning how to balance the “Me” language and express it in a way that truly speaks to the “You” — the reader — is one of the challenges of blog copywriting.

    But done well, there’s nothing quite like it.

    It’s like presenting a mirror to the reader, allowing him to see himself in your experience.

    Your beliefs are reflected in his. One customer who truly feels like you’re reading is mind is the hotest target you can have. That one prospect is worth more than hundreds who feel you just “did it for a buck.”

  2. Agreed 100%; in blogging in particular, the connection between the reader and the writer — some hint of shared experience or perspective — is critical.

  3. Of course I absolutely agree with you 100%!

    There are going to be many times when you get “tested” just to make sure that you are staying on the right track and it all comes down to believing in what you do.

  4. For copywriting and writing in general, your words are right on the money. It’s always easy to spot something that isn’t sincere — there is a “cheese” factor or something about it. An immediate turn off.

  5. Hum… Why is it so difficult then to actually DO it. Everybody knows about those basic principles but nobody actually applies them. People only pretend to do it or, maybe even try to believe themselves that they do. Unfortunately, most of the time, a lot of people don’t even know what they are talking about, they have barely scratched the surface…

  6. Agree wholeheartedly with Maven. Not only is honesty important re: one’s writing/marketing/business, but the way one lives.

    Martine, I believe it is difficult because … A) people want and need to earn a living. It’s difficult to say no when a mortgage looms.

    And, B) people fear what others will think of them. Standing on prinicple is easy when you agree with the dominant public opinion. When your convictions run counter to the mainstream, it’s more than a tad scary.

  7. Really liked this and the posts – great comments 🙂

    I do feel that we become like the people we hang out with – so to get to understand our potential clients and communicate better with them – if we hang out at forums and interact – I think we come away with ideas of their real needs and can speak their thoughts back to them (the answers they are looking for) from our experience – help them grow and helping us understand how to ‘mirror’ back – even as we stay on course with our true selves in business and our passion.

    I believe this attracts, hooks, the right matches – most of the time. After all, business is a great place to work on relationship building.

    I know nothing here is perfect – but, this is a grand start, that works.

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