7 Steps to Becoming a Better Writer

7 Steps to Becoming a Better Writer

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    • Actually “write every day ” means exactly that. Nobody said publish an article everyday. I get great writing ideas everyday but I’m not able to make a decent story out of them on daily basis. Still if i don’t write down those ideas every single day, I wont be able to write a story at all.

  1. See all the good stuff I’m missing out on? As soon as I’m financially stable to join, I’m gonna. Hopefully after Christmas when I’m done buying my kids toys they won’t use!


  2. Is a webinar necessary? Read the classics instead. Failing this, read George Orwell’s six rules for effective writing. If you don’t know who George Orwell is… well, then woe is me:

    1. Don’t use a metaphor/simile/phrase you see all the time from other writers. “At the end of the day” or “what it boils down to” being good examples.

    2. Use a short/simple word over its bigger version (“similar” instead of “analogous”).

    3. If you can cut a word out, do so.

    4. Don’t use passive where active can be stuffed in.

    5. Don’t go using fancy foreign phrases/scientific terms etc. if an English term will suffice.

    6. Do break the rules instead of writing something idiotic.

  3. I’m with you, Josh.

    But I love these teases. I can’t wait to see what’s behind the curtain. And the price point couldn’t be lower. No complaints there.

    It’s just that I’m still recovering physically and financially from “My Year of Living Injuriously.”

    Cheers to 2014!

    • Lori,

      Yeah, I hear ya. I’ve lost my job…again, due to growth (not on my part, though I guess I’ve gotten a bit bigger around the waist). It’s hard doing what I do now that I’ve gone full time with it while raising my three kids as a work at home dad.

      But I have to believe that it will get better, and at some point, hope to make enough to enable my wife to work closer to home. Not to mention being able to get nice stuff, such as Authority and Premise to take my blogs to the next level.

      Ah, well. At least I’m not the only penniless sap perusing (and dreaming) about the Copyblogger website! 🙂


  4. Man this is so timely for me. Been struggling with coming up with topics for a few weeks now.

    Jon Morrow told me in a Q&A call yesterday that he used to write 100 headlines a day for a year. This helped him get ideas.

    Where’s that headline hacks report again … ?

  5. It sounds interesting, unfortunately on quite a budget at the time, I really hope that the people attending will enjoy the webinar 🙂 I find I get my best writing done when I listen to my intuition and write when I truly feel like it, being careful to know the difference between lack of momentary inspiration and pure laziness/resistance. Still, writing every day makes a difference.

  6. For the folks who own copywriting or intern marketing businesses, do you record paid webinar courses taken as a business expense on your taxes?

  7. I think that the advice with “write every day ” is misunderstood. You need to find a way to get into that … let’s call it zone, that inspires you to write something amazing. That’s the important part to get into the zone and be able to write well, not just to write everyday.

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