How One Smart Move Can Attract Constant Attention

How One Smart Move Can Attract Constant Attention

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  1. I find that Google is still my number one source of new subscribers.

    I come up #2 for the phrase white paper

    Still get 50 to 100 folks registering daily for my “white paper,” which is not all that different than an ebook.

    Nice job on the article!

  2. Thanks for the great article. I recently put up a new opt in for exercises that has been doing really well. I don’t have a proper blog yet, but that’s coming.

    One question. How many backlinks did you get within those few weeks to get the results you got? Also, like you say, there are so many backlink strategies out there. Which one(s) did you follow?

    Oh, and I’ve subscribed to your site too! I like your stuff 🙂

    Thanks again,


  3. “I find that Google is still my number one source of new subscribers.”

    We are multi-topic so it is hard to have just one focused niche to attract and hold onto subscribers…but there are a couple things mentioned in this article we already do. And they work well.

  4. What a great outline – and there are so many things you can do to make it even more of a success. Promoting the crap out of it through social networking is just one method. This is something that could be a monthly thing which would really increase your readership substantially over time.

  5. Can I just say I’m having an unreasonable amount of fun looking through the Wikihow topics and adding “on your blog.”

    How to Make Out on Your Blog
    How to Get Rid of Acne on Your Blog
    How to be a Gothic Lolita on Your Blog
    How to Induce Vomiting on Your Blog
    How to Calculate Pi by Throwing Frozen Hot Dogs on Your Blog

    I will never run out of topic ideas again.

  6. There sure are really some weird people looking for weird “how to” out there. This is an ingenious way to search for what people are looking for. I’ve never thought of going to wikihow to look for this kind of information.


  7. this is great as I was just planning on doing soething like this!But I do have a question:
    How did you link your subscription box to feedburner e-mail sign up in a way that it first sends the e-book and then your normal blog content?

  8. Hey Glen

    I really like the fact you did a walkthrough with a concrete example. There’s so much generic, bad advice around SEO. Context matters a lot and you set it well.

  9. Ever since I have been reading you “Teaching Sells” reports I have been making a list of what I could teach. I looked at this list and realized it could be limitless.

    Thank you,

  10. Thanks for the great tips. From someone who was in the bloggosphere then out and now back in it is a great refresher. I like your site and you can count me in as one of your new subscribers.

  11. Hi Glen,
    I was a bit shocked to find that you wrote a 24 page eBook on a Saturday afternoon. Or was it a whole day?

    Maybe I’m a slow writer, but it took me a good 6 months to think about, write and edit my Ebook “Overcome Anything”.

    In her comment Anastasia said, “Guess what I will be doing htis weekend?!” I suppose she will also be churning out an eBook.

    I suppose the aim is to graduate from speed-blogging to speed-bookwriting 🙂 However, words like ‘thoughtful’ and ‘thorough’ don’t go well with ‘speed’.

  12. Great post – thanks. I’m about to produce a couple of eBooks and agree wholeheartedly about the marvel that is Open Office (especially when you’re running Linux!). For the cover shot jpgs, I’m thinking along the lines of putting the cover on full screen and making a jpg from that before uploading … any thoughts on this tactic … ?

  13. Their are great tips in this post, thanks!, and as subscribers is a topic I’m struggling with at the moment, this article really hit home for me!, you know I sometimes feel a blog about hemorrhoid cream would get more subscribers than mine!;)

  14. Great post. Many people ignore the impact that an organic search on google for your site can have. Social bookmarking is all the rage but it is transient. Natural, organic search sticks around longer and will benefit your site in the long run.

  15. I wish I had the talent to churn out best selling e books on weekends.But it is a dream worth following.
    Every idea is first a dream and with a bit of talent and a lot of perseverance becomes a reality.

  16. This is a great post and an awesome actionable activity. On my site, I conduct case studies of online marketing and business development strategies. Eventually – I hope to put a number of success cases into a guide for something just like this.

    However – I think this may be my next case study. I do have one suggestion for others trying this that might help: Consider marketing your opt-in page using EzineArticles. If, in your resource box, you add a link to your opt-in page, you can drive traffic pretty quick – as EZA ranks quickly and you can use a bunch of ‘one-off’ related keywords to get traffic there. Just an idea.

    I will get started on this for my case study and we will see how it works!

  17. @David – I literally just used my signature on a couple of forums to get the backlinks. Then a few people in my industry also linked to it in blog posts, nothing special or out of the ordinary.

    @Cassie – I completely agree, I’ve started using this in other niches and had a LOT of success, even more than highlighted here.

    @Sonia – Thanks. Oh and yeah, I love some of those ideas. Shoot me an email when they go live 😉

    @Puspanjali – Make the time, everytime you are going to write a blog comment just write more words in the eBook instead.

    @ALL – thanks for the comments

  18. Glen,

    I really like the approach. You hammered out some serious great methods in this blog post. We have an Ebook that we have been sharing with our group,(real estate professionals) but I didn’t think about also using it to increase the subscriptions to our RSS feed as well. Definitely a good way to grow that count.

    I have to say that digging into the “How to” pages is a really practical example of straightforward keyword research.

  19. Subscribers are people who have said they want to read or hear what you have to say. They want to stay in touch, probably because you provide value that improves their lives in one form or another. Subscribers are your constant traffic source when you aren’t being flooded with social media traffic and your Google rankings aren’t that great.

    But that’s not necessarily true. I have a few hundred sites that I did subscribe to, but that doesn’t mean I read them regularly. Some I may not have gotten to in weeks, some I may never have been to since the day I signed up! All RSS subscribers numbers mean is “this many people were at least interested enough to click subscribe”. It doesn’t mean they’ve ever read another post, if they have read more it doesn’t mean they read regularly.

    Obviously Google Analytics tells me a lot more about your site than RSS subscribers does.

    As a rather obvious example, let’s say Blog A has 5,000 subscribers but that number hasn’t changed significantly in a year. Blog B has only 800 but six months back that was 400 – which blog is doing better? I’d say B without any more data, but if we could look at Analytics and we saw that A’s traffic and unique visitors were actually growing at a much faster rate than B, we’d have to chalk up the poor RSS to some other factor.

    Sudden increases from promotions may not mean much either. I may want your ebook but have little interest in your blog. I’ll click the link to get the book and I don’t necessarily unsubscribe – what the heck, it’s down there in my “I’ll read this stuff if and when I have nothing better to do” so it isn’t hurting anything. You may think you gained a loyal reader, but you haven’t.

    I would say that if your numbers continue to climb WITHOUT a come-on like a free download, that is meaningful. That means you are writing content that interested people enough to subscribe. Bribes like ebooks may falsely inflate subscriptions.

    RSS subscribers as a raw number really doesn’t say much at all. I know that goes against popular wisdom, but it is true just the same.

  20. Great stuff. Never thought of looking for How To as keyword research. I’m sure this could be adapted to the wedding industry, so I see a day’s work ahead on this. thanks for a great post!

  21. Glen – I think your best advice in this post is right at the end “stop procrastinating and do it”.
    Even if all the points you presented don’t work for every site, actually getting out and trying them will teach you how to tweak them until they do work.

    Nice work back over at PluginID too BTW.


  22. @Yemoonyah: I had the same question, so I poked around at FeedBurner’s site and found this:

    I used that to create this simple feedflare (hopefully the XML will come through):

    Free Ebook
    A static FeedFlare unit that links to the free ebook

    Free Ebook

    Adapt, naturally, for your website. (That isn’t a real link either.)

    Paste that into a text editor, and save it with a .xml extension somewhere on your site.

    Then insert it where it says “Enter or paste a FeedFlare URL” on the FeedFlare section of the Optimize tab in FeedBurner (assuming you have FeedFlare turned on for your feed) and click “Add New Flare”.

    There should now be a link at the bottom of your RSS feed.

    I’m going to give this a try, it sounds easy enough, though it’s a bit of a bait-and-switch tactic.

  23. Awesome post, definitely hit home. I’m thinking about partnering up with Elliot to start that hemorrhoid blog to increase subscriptions but none the less, keep the info flowing. Peace!

  24. I agree with Tony Lawrence’s comments. I even removed my RSS feed on one of my sites and noticed no difference in traffic or conversions. I think very few people use RSS readers but bloggers do and seem to worship the whole idea.

  25. Thanks for this Glen, interesting subject material and perspective. “…go out and do it” — these could be the most valuable five words in the post!

  26. Man I wish I had found this blog a long time ago. For three days I have been dropping by and every post is full of amazing tipos and how to information.

    I already use open office to write with but I do not use Photoshop.

    I use Gimp. Is it possible to create an ebook cover with gimp?
    I need something that is free.

  27. @cleaning business Ev :

    I think you misunderstood my comments. You definitely SHOULD offer RSS. I merely observed that a sudden jump in RSS readers from a bribe isn’t necessarily meaningful by itself.

  28. There sure are really some weird people looking for weird “how to” out there. This is an ingenious way to search for what people are looking for. I’ve never thought of going to wikihow to look for this kind of information

  29. Hey ,
    Nice article. It would be of great help to bloggers. I haev been using keyword research tool but hardlly applying in my posts . This article is an eye opener.
    Regards ,

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