Case Study: How Two Artists Used Online Content to Build their Face to Face Business

Case Study: How Two Artists Used Online Content to Build their Face to Face Business

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  1. I too have had bad experiences at retreats; bad food, poor entertainment, no equipment etc. It goes to show you, that if you provide a solution to a problem, you can build a profitable business.

    Lori made a good point, business owners MUST spend money and time on their websites, education as well as their marketing. Lots of small business owners get offended when told they must invest in themselves and later on, wind up frustrated.

    I wish these ladies much success and may be going to one of their retreats soon LOL!

  2. “After every event, or at regularly scheduled times, evaluate what worked and what didn’t. Make sure to do your evaluation in terms of dollars — not just emotions.” This is very important. Kudos to you or recognizing the value in evaluating what worked and what didn’t. Most small business owners don’t do this. They don’t see the value of it.

    • Amanda, Thanks for reading, I do think this is one of the most important practices that has us grow and change as we need to. Thanks again.

  3. Good stuff! One of our clients is an artist so I can definitely respect and relate – seems like an awesome thing they have going on. I especially like that she said there at the end to not be afraid to give things away. I think more and more people are coming to almost expect something for free every now and then. It’s a tough pill to swallow at first but definitely worth the marketing (relational!) reward.

    • Justin,

      It is true! People love to get stuff! and they feel special when you send them something. The cost compared to print advertising is effective. Thanks for reading.

  4. I agree with their idea of being a professional before you get noticed. It’s easy to work professionally with customers if you act as if you are a top notch business from day one.

  5. “Always say yes to an opportunity and then figure out how to do it.”

    I’ve heard this many times and in many ways and it always rings true.

    Of course, if that opportunity is Oprah, it doesn’t take much thought!

    Congratulations on getting the traffic you deserve.

    It just goes to show that you don’t have to have 5,000 hits a month before you get noticed, you just have to have something worth sharing.

    Charles Kassotis

    • Charles,
      Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment. It works for us to ‘play to win’ all the while remembering life is a game!

  6. Awesome niche market and incorporation of new technologies! Can’t wait to see how you adapt to future trends. Great to see people who think on their feet about this stuff.

  7. Mike – thanks so much for taking the time to read and comment. We hope to be around long enough to adapt to many, many future trends. Thanks again.

  8. Good to hear that Lori and Lorri realised the value of professional photography; most businesses (small or large) choose to ‘save’ by not investing in a professional photographer. Good, quality images say a lot about the brand value. Great write-up!!

    • Dan, Thanks for reading and commenting. This (the e-mail list) was the hardest thing to just start – and basically the least expensive and best return on any practice we have taken on. We have women show up that have been reading our newsletter for years…

  9. Lori, excellent work. Have you considered possibly expanding (or adding on) another camp for both men and women that follows the same approach as the women’s only camp? It sounds more zen-like to me than just woman-specific.

    I, too, loathe these camp experiences and would prefer to go to something a little more relaxing and giving of the chance to just meet other artists and talk one-on-one with the speakers and presenters.

    • Jay, Thank you for taking the time to comment. We have considered ‘co-ed’ and couples camp. We have to grow first! Our biggest cost by FAR is lodging. If we have rooms that can’t be shared because of gender…well, I guess you can figure it out.
      There are a few other reasons, but again – “Make sure to do your evaluation in terms of dollars — not just emotions.” comes into play here too.
      Thanks again.

  10. Wow! Everything about this case study makes me happy. I love that they focused on the experience, not just the actual teaching portion, and created a whole new successful standard for art retreats!

  11. F.F. Thanks for the note. Creativity is in everyone and needs more than a paintbrush – the whole thing contributes to art! Thanks again.

  12. Lori W-

    You’ve got a great looking website. I really like the use of art throughout.

    With thousands of views monthly, I’m curious why your friend count on Facebook is under 800. I take it that you do not direct people to Facebook, just the reverse — is that right?

    Also, I see your random drawing materials. Nice idea! You offer the button for “I’m playing for …”. Do you have people doing that? I found only two using Google.

    • Jim,
      Thanks for commenting. You bring up some interesting points. One of which is unspoken. We get so busy we forget to check in to see what is doing what! We know the flow from one media to another shifts from time-to-time, but we haven’t reevaluated in several months. Thanks for the heads up!

  13. Amazing story Beth. Just great advice and a personal message which I need to share with my Girlfriend today when I go back form work. reading all this huge posts while at work in West Midlands in United Kingdom 🙂

    Reading your message gave me some great thoughts about building community and creating connections that matter. Like you mentioned my gf is experiencing a less than 50 hits to her blog every day and she’s very upset about ADLAV her Art and Design blog which focuses on creating information designs.

    Thanks for the share and this will definitely pass on to my @FernandoMedia community

    • Thank you for taking the time to comment. What your comment brings up is that we have deliberately chosen to use connection as the place to start making our offer – it may be slower, but it is much more satisfying than starting from a place of persuading and convincing and all that other ‘sales’ stuff. thanks again.

  14. I like the fact that you have combined your artistic bent with sound business logic and technological know-how.

    Congratulations for your achievements and keep up the great work you are doing here. Have a good one.

    • Archan, Thanks for taking the time to comment. We are making the effort to love what we do. It seems sometimes that we have to know everything about everything…what we have found out is that there are people you can ask!

  15. Hi Lori,

    Just wanted to thank you for this lovely article and for taking the time out to share. It was so nice to hear about and see your blog and hear about the positive benefits you’ve seen in it. In my job I’m tasked with creating original and engaging content for a blog which is on the website of one of the best food photographers in India and whilst the stories are great I’m struggling with translating the experience into words!


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