Finally … Site Analytics for Plain Folks

Finally … Site Analytics for Plain Folks

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  1. I see that Authority member need to register, and there’s a link to sign up for Authority, but I don’t see any links or instructions for existing Authority members to register for this.

  2. Analytics is critical. I get kiddie when I check my google analytics to see where my traffic was referred from.

    Usually I’m very surprised.

  3. I’ve never seen a detective show on TV where he pulls out his analytics reports.

    Often it’s hunches that they go on, and when everyone’s doing analytics I can’t help think those reports will eventually lose their effectiveness.

    Copy what everyone else is doing or try something different, maybe follow your gut…there are many choices out there.

  4. Great move … this is the year of analytics.

    The SMAC stack is hot (Social, Mobile, Analytics, and Cloud.)

    Information is useful, knowledge is power, and smart breaks away from the pack.

  5. I understand we need good analytics, but what most of us need is more traffic, more visitors, wherever it may come from. If i can capture more followers I’m interested.
    Just not sure how I join this call on 16th?

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