The Lede: 7 Writing and Marketing Links You Don’t Want to Miss

The Lede: 7 Writing and Marketing Links You Don’t Want to Miss

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  1. your post on Google + is relevant. Google’s products have always been criticised by the majority but in reality, apart from Google Buzz, I have found nothing annoying or boring

  2. What an interesting take on Google plus, I’m embarrassed to say I never thought of it like that… This list is a wealth of information by the way, thanks

  3. Re: word of mouth marketing

    One thing that I think a lot of people forget is just how blurry the distinction between word of mouth marketing and social media marketing is becoming. I mean, the article even cites a few stats that involve mentions of “word of mouth” marketing on social media. It’s not easy to parse the two.

  4. I love this post from your list: What’s Required of the Next Generation of Marketers. It reminds me that businesses should consider hiring marketing technologists these days. Thanks for sharing them and I’ll be looking forward for more. Cheers!

  5. I have to agree with Aaron Eden on this one.

    Most businesses tend to think that once their crappy 5 page website is up and running, that they are done!

    LOL….if only capitalism was NOT dog eat dog….

    Nowadays, you have to constantly stay on your competition, but there are only so many hours in the day, hence the need for an in-house marketing tech programmer or inclusion of SaaS services. All in all, the more the merrier…and merrier for savvy business owners’ pockets, too!

  6. Enjoyed the post, “Writing Advice From World’s Most Prolific Authors.” Jack Kerouack’s advice about trusting your pen and “everyone is a genius” still rings true. Quite encouraging to me..thanks.

  7. Godin’s Secret of the Web is a fantastic reminder to bloggers. Stick with it. Deliver value. Don’t be distracted by the get rich schemes. You will succeed.

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