7 Marketing Links You Can Use

7 Marketing Links You Can Use

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  1. The link regarding when to post and tweet is one that appeals to me. This is something that has been debated to death but still has many possible answers. Maybe it will give me a better understanding and help me get my content to more people. 🙂

  2. Great list. I really like the description of the last link you listed in this post, Robert – I considered it’s the sentence of viral marketing.

  3. Great articles!

    The Malcolm Gladwell article has re-nenergized this soon-to-be 55 year old; the “How I generated one years worth of content ideas in one hour…” article and the J Fried article on learning how to make money gave me nuts and bolts to go forward.

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Thanks for this list. I love the link about Martin Luther’s blog post; I haven’t checked it out yet but I will. What caught my interest is how far we’ve come technology-wise from the nail and the Church door. Yet in terms of human nature, I’d say we are still very much the same.

  5. Hi Robert,
    Thanks for all the links that directed me to right-side. and specially i liked the 8 content marketing links of 2011. i love all those 8 links and specially the JB(Justin Bieber) Image LoLzzz…

    Thanks For all the links…. 🙂

  6. That Jason Fried is one smart dude. His Making Money piece is a big help to me now that I’m starting to think about monetization. His advice on bootstrapping makes me feel good that I’m not trying to fund my blog (much) to get it going…well, my Genesis theme excepted :-).

  7. Loved that article from Malcolm Gladwell. Great perspective on the development of creative potential. There’s hope for us old dogs!

  8. Love the information regarding selling, people don’t care just about facts and features of a product. That really does resonate for me. Thanks nice nugget of info.

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