7 Steps to Creating and Selling a Niche Information Product

7 Steps to Creating and Selling a Niche Information Product

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  1. Glad I checked my feed reader one last time before I hit the hayloft.

    You guys are definitley gonna be the new bad boyz of blogging.

    Gald to say I knew you when.

    Send your regards to us lil folk every now and then.

    Congrats ! And good luck !

  2. Now, creating and selling information is certainly not as compelling as a human Mentos and Diet Coke mixer, or a toilet-flushing cat. But I figure there are some people out there that would like to learn more about it.

    Yeah, it isn’t as compelling, but tubetorial looks a lot more relevant and useful. That Mentos video was honestly quite stupid.

  3. Rico, LOL. You mean I’m still getting beat out by that cat?

    It was a bit amusing… but I’m either going to have to start using sarcasm tags or accept that no one actually cares. πŸ™‚

  4. Hey Brian,

    You’ll be glad to be useful and relevant and skip the compelling part, when the stuff hits the fan and you’re the talk of the town.

    Educating people will never rank as high as stupid stuff, ask a teacher.

    Only a small part of the world will continue to learn and grow after their HS days.

    We have 2 choices, maybe others, as bloggers who are trying to actually make ourselves into resources … write about stupid people doing stupid things or get used to a smaller audience, but one that will be more likely to be a friend for life.

    The stupid crowd goes away as soon as you quit entertaining them for one second.

    The crowd that’s here to learn is smaller, but stickier.

    Keep teaching and they’ll be here forever.

  5. Amen Mike. And although we’ll try to keep people awake during the tutorials with a bit of wit and visual flash, my bet is teaching becomes the go to occupation of the future.

  6. Beautiful comment Mike; post-worthy material. πŸ™‚

    Haha, sorry Brian, I’m already dense as it is, and text loses all the innuendo and double-meaning of conversation. As for the tags, here you go: <sarcasm> </sarcasm> πŸ˜›

  7. I taught in Texas public schools for ten years. When times got tough, I reminded myself–without teachers there are no other professions.

    In fact, I’d argue that teaching is the oldest profession, contrary to popular myth and current internet trends.

    Teach on, Brian.

  8. Good job, I just seen this at Chris’ blog already.

    I wanted to see more specific details if I could, I would for an elearning company and use tools like Robo Demo, Turbo Demo, Wink, and Camtasia Studio and would like to see more what you are doing.

    Jason Brown

  9. I hope you’re right about teachers being the go-to people of the future. That would keep me in the loop for the next 22 years, which is what I need to collect my SS.

    It will be there…. won’t it ?

  10. Brian, at work we use the Firefox browser and I could only hear the sound; could not see any video. I came home and used an Explorer browser and could see and hear everything fine. Just curious if anybody else experienced the same anomoly.


  11. Now this is a nice resource and ideea. Youtube and that sick PornoTube are getting out of control.

    Good luck with it. If I can, I’ll spread the word too.

  12. Nice addition to the info publishing product line. I cover 31 different types of info products in my course… Now I’ll have to addd one more!

    Great job

  13. Great post, and great comments!

    I have been on this site for the last 3 days. So much info, so little time. Ah, who needs sleep anyways.


  14. Copyblogger is SO right about getting lost during the creative process of making an eBook. I have a true story about an eBook I made called Pallets for Profit (about recycling wood pallets for money and helping the environment). The first verison of the book and website took 2 weeks from start to finish. THEN, unsatisfied with my work, I spent 5 more months redoing it. The result is great and I’ve learned A LOT on my own and from reading other books and checking forums. Feel free to ask me questions if I can help anyone learn something they can’t find online.

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