5 Things You Won’t See on Copyblogger in 2007

5 Things You Won’t See on Copyblogger in 2007

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  1. Right on with the Adsense….I think if you promote related products as an affiliate you will get more in your pocket and your blog will have more integrity.

    Good work!


  2. What on earth is wrong with Adsense. If you’re providing great content to your readers, why not reap some reward from your efforts.

    Done right, Adsense is unobtrusive, does not interfere with the design of your blog and earns you a little (or a lot) money on the side.

  3. Brian, could you elaborate on what why you think “AdSense sucks?” I understand why you think PPC advertising cheapens your blog, but your comment almost implies there are other reasons why you’re dissatisfied with AdSense.

    Thanks, and keep up the great work!

  4. I can think of a ton of ways Brian can earn money from his blogging that are far better than adsense. While it does work I have never liked the way most bloggers have to change their design to make it work well and how it influences our decisions and the attention we have to give it.

    People come here to benefit from Brians expertise (and they do), what other ways can Brian package his expertise …

  5. brian, just wanted to stop by and comment somewhat out of context to say that i love getting your content in my mailbox. i blog, write web content for my editing services and my spouse’s music business, not exactly copywriting-but your information is very helpful for me to consider when doing all of these things.
    i’m a bit lo-tech, so some of what you write about puzzles me, but i am learning lots here. esp. about what readers are moved by.

    thank you and happy new year!

  6. 1. Visit the CopyBlogger daily
    2. Mention the CopyBlogger more often
    3. Follow CopyBlogger Advice
    4. Think Like CopyBlogger
    5. Enroll in CopyBlogger 12-step Program

  7. Yea, adsense just didn’t belong here for some reason. I think you would make a lot more money writing for hire now and then. I was looking to hire you and saw your about page. Shame.

    Would love to see more about structuring sales copy and more of those templates which I literally lifted verbatim.

  8. Five resolutions for my site, which is going to be a content-rich natural health site, based around WordPress blogs…

    1. Find the right mix of content providers who work with natural health and want to make use of web based marketing to grow their exposure.

    2. Learn how to translate WordPress instructions from British English to American English. (You have a very nice template, BTW)

    3. Learn the other zillion things one must learn to make headway on the web.

    4. Practice what we preach (good health habits) while trying to get everything done.

    5. Enjoy learning by firehose, as we’re starting to getting used to it.

  9. Thanks Brian for making me create resolutions for my blog.

    Here is my Top 3 Resolutions I made:

    a. I am going to be little easier on me creating a podcast once every two days rather than killing myself to come up with one a day.

    b. I am going to divulge a little bit more on Direct response strategies for my blog readers.

    c. I will add a call to action in every post. (After all, I bring in the dough by writing copy for others) 😉

    Edward Santosh

  10. Michel, LOL!

    Keith, the Feedburner ads have been here for many months…. much longer than Adsense actually. I bet they are glad you’ve started to notice. 😉

    Look, I don’t want to make a big deal about Adsense… I just don’t like it. If you want to support this site, buy yourself some web hosting or copywriting software. You know, things you actually need. 😉

  11. Five things, starting… now!

    1. Post regularly – in my previous blog experience, I’ve not been able to post as regularly as I’d like (since blogging isn’t my primary breadwinner… yet) but I’m working to plan out my posts to make sure this happens.

    2. Network! – Spend more time networking with other blogs to build relationships.

    3. Take my time – I have a tendency to rush when writing. I need to consciously tell myself to sloooow dooooown.

    4. Read my feeds more often – I have over 200 feeds now and I’m practically overwhelmed. I guess you could say, I need to organize my feeds better to begin with, then decide on how best to take in that information. Brian, what do *you* use as a feed reader?

    5. Have fun! – I plan on staying loose and sassy with my blog.

    Wow. I just used the word sassy. Not good. 😉

  12. hadn’t really thought about it until you put your list up… here are my first thoughts on 5 things you won’t see in the Productivity Cafe in 2007:
    1 – purely action oriented posts – they will be balanced with what makes us tick (thinking about it)
    2 – limits on the areas we view (it won’t be just work – it will include home, volunteer organizations, and avocations)
    3 – linking for the sake of linking (it’s got to contibute)
    4 – MACphilio (will be keeping it to PCs)
    5 – out of time… more when one comes to me

  13. Brian,

    Thanks again for adding value to my blogging experience. I’m not going to post my five resolutions here because I want to give more time to developing them. But I wouldn’t have considered creating them at all if you hadn’t given me the idea.

    Happy New Year!

    I’ll be reading…



  14. Ooo…I’ll play! No resolutions, per se. I have some fun ideas I’d like to implement; we’ll see how they materialize.

    1. Add a podcast.
    2. Be more useful to my readers, both in terms of content and delivery.
    3. Do some housekeeping.
    4. Change my template.
    5. Um…all of the above?

  15. 1) Answer questions emailed to me from the blog. I always answer emails sent to me from the blog privately, and occasionally, I’ve allowed those to inspire posts on the blog. I will attempt to turn every email personally answered into a post. (Don’t worry, of course names are never posted.)

    2) Update more of the Texas Penal Code Sections. This will take some time, but I believe it is a viable way for me to offer good content. It also is one of the best categories resulting in internet search results.

    3) Add content to the Other Statutes category. There are many provisions in other codes of relevance to criminal defendants not listed in the Penal Code. The Transportation Code and Texas Code of Criminal Procedure will be the first two I tackle.

    4) Write better headlines. This serves several purposes: (a) increases traffic from RSS, (b) puts relevant search terms in the URL for the individual posts, and (c) actually helps the reader – which is supposed to be the ultimate point here. Shout out to Brian for being the best blogger I read on that subject for his hints and ideas.

    5) Start some new blogs. Yes, I’m new at the two blogs I write now, and they take a substantial part of my time. However, my goal for July 1st, 2007 is to have new blogs relating to Criminal Defense Lawyer Blogs and Blogging, and then one general purpose blog, where I can post thoughts and ideas that aren’t frankly appropriate or relevant to the law related blogs.

  16. After reading your post, I decided to do one of my own, but since you probably won’t make it there, here is the short version of my resolution list:
    1. Beautify my Main Menu
    2. Utilize Copyblogger more
    3. Post regularly
    4. Edit my posts
    5. Participate more – kinda like this comment 🙂

  17. 1. Carefully define my audience
    2. Work on my use of language, including better uses of alliteration, assonance, onomatopeia, simile, and metaphor where they fit in the context of web writing
    3. A major redesign
    4. Keep dreaming big
    5. Ten million page views (I’m not kidding … I started my blog on October 30 and I got 600K in December)

  18. Five things you won’t see on my blog in 07
    1. The word Blogospere – someone made it up and I don’t like it.
    2. Posts about my blog – who wants to read about my blog?
    3. Posts about religion
    4. Posts about my values – people figure it out when they read my posts.
    5. Information tat has not been verified or researched.

  19. 5 Resolutions for my blog for 2007

    1. To provide genuine, original and useful information on natural health and supportive self-help psychology.

    2. To maintain a clear and friendly space where guests feel welcome.

    3. To write thoughtfully and with my readers in mind.

    4. To post regularly.

    5. To remain ad free and see what my tip jar yields instead.

    PS Thanks for the excellent info provided here on Copyblogger.

  20. Happy New Year to you 2.
    Well I’m thinking of starting my own blog this year.May be once I start I can set a few resolution for it based on your experience.
    Thanks, nice article.

  21. Thank you, Copy Man. I have been rummaging around in your drawers (hmm, might edit that later) for about six weeks and I have gained more insight, tips, tools, and grey matter here than almost any blog I puruse daily.

    I am in love with your commitment to dump adsense. I have purposely kept the commercial to a minimum as my site is relatively new, but I was also beginning to feel permanently adolescent about that decision. Thanks for the sideways boost of confidence.

    And, top 5:
    1. Write
    2. Write
    3. Write
    4. Submit
    5. Start over.

    Best to all,

  22. It was sweet going through the comments, Brian…people writing three 5 resolutions :-). Regarding AdSense, I think it works for some and it doesn’t for others. For instance I read the ProBlogger blog makes lots of money with AdSense and so does Steve Pavlina. Advertising is not bad if it becomes an overall part of your content. I see on TechCrunch and Read/Write Web there are lots of random banners but they don’t intrude and they are not Adsense — may be you can try that.

  23. If Adsense for feeds was more widespread, it might be a worthwhile choice.

    I am only including monetization within the content. I might add something like TLA at a later date.

    But that is for my primary blog. I have other sites that earn as much from adsense as Brian does, with maybe 100th the traffic.

    It all depends on the niche

  24. Andy, that’s absolutely right. Other sites do great with AdSense, and in some cases even serves as an asset to the reader.

    Not here though (and Problogger makes less from Adsense than you might guess, Amrit). I pretty much knew that going in, but I figured I’d go ahead and prove it to myself. 😉

  25. Cheers for the trendsetting. “Web 2.0” is long out of beta. LinkBait is becoming mainstream.

    After years of conniving MLM scams and penny stock swindles, AdSense is the best chance at “long-term residual income” the common man has ever had. Like comic book ads, I actually enjoy reading PPC ads – if they are tastefully integrated.

  26. Being a total noob, I’m trying out just about every free option I can find, just to learn. That includes AdSense. There was a time in my recent past that I was -surviving- on $200/mo.

    However, now that I have electricity, things are MUCH better.


  27. I just wanted you to know that I’m now compulsively flipping over to this site before I write ANYTHING, which means five or six times a day now.

  28. I’ve just ditched kontera cause it was starting to bug me, made be feel dirty, and wasn’t bringing in much money at all. I’m going through a ‘spring cleaning’ process so the cull hasn’t finished yet!

  29. My 5 resolutions:

    1. Write more unique content and improve writing skill
    2. Visit Copyblogger more, follow advice and comment
    3. Comment on other blogs and forums
    4.Hire a designer for a redesign
    5. Make more videos

    I wish there was a place to guest post because I would definitely try it more.

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