Master Your Muse and Multiply Your Blogging Effectiveness

Master Your Muse and Multiply Your Blogging Effectiveness

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  1. Great post, Jon!

    Boy, do I know that lil teeny-weeny beast … my muse.

    It sometimes does have a warped sense of humor, doesn’t it? 🙂

    And … how do you get on copyblogger? I’ll have to check this out, as I definitely need to do a better job with my own blog … and I’d love to get some links out there in the infamous blogosphere!

    Thanks again for your post.


  2. One great way I’ve found to keep my creative juices flowing is to use Google Notebook to “scribble” any ideas that come to mind whenever I’m on my computer. I can also cut and paste links to interesting articles I may want to use in future blogs. This way, I never run out of ideas, as I just open up the “notebook” (it’s always in a link in the right corner of my screen, ready to be opened) whenever I run out of ideas to write about.

    I’ve also been developing a sort of editorial calendar (book review on Wednesday, film review on Thursday, recipe on Saturday) that’s helped a lot in terms of organizing my blog and making sure I always have something to write about.

    I really enjoy your blog. Looking forward to reading about your tips!


  3. I thoroughly enjoyed this post!

    You have quite the insight into making the creative process work.

    And you are ab-so-lutely correct: sometimes those words, just won’t come.

    But I find a way to kick those creative juices into gear, mostly by pretending that my muse is right across the table from me, engaging me in a rich, mind-blowing conversation.

    Thanks for the rich insight!

  4. Part of cultivating a great relationship with one’s muse is exercising it regularly. As a basic discipline, quick gesture figure drawing from life hones a skill set for the artist. Keeps the right eye to muscle skills primed and ready. I think in some ways blogging can be comparable for honing those writing skills. Attempting to nail a point with as much clarity and skill as possible at that time for that day in that format is very much like drawing nudes. Except maybe this time the artist/writer gets a little “naked”. I am thrilled you will be working out with your muse here once a week. Your point of view is always helpful. All best, Jan

  5. I don’t remember if it was this blog or another one that gave me the advice to keep an idea list. But one day I sat down and wrote down over 100 blog post ideas. Now I am never hurting for a topic.

    I’m still developing my work habits with writing. Calling these things a muse is fine, but really its just work.

    I’ve found that even if I’m really tired and have no creative juice I can still write a good first draft. So, sometimes its just a matter of forcing yourself to do the work.

  6. I tend to keep my muse talking by giving it room to roam every day. It’s called my journal. Complete freedom to be as nonsensical as it wants to be. And often, some good nuggets come out with all the nonsense.

    Plus by blog subscribers don’t have to wade through the mountains of ‘leftovers’ that tend to come along with the good ideas. As a blogger, having that safe place is critical to keeping the muse happy. You know, that and, in a pinch, a few cold ones. (Not that I would ever advocate the latter.)

  7. When I used to ride horses, I used to get in The Zone, which is the common term for an athlete’s specific state of mind when nothing else matters but what’s happening in The Zone.

    Now that I write for a living, I get a glimpse of that awesome feeling every now and then when I’m on a roll. Feels great. Guess it’s The Muse and not The Zone, but hey. It’s all good.

  8. I’m confused. You say “learn how to master your muse,” but you never mention “how?” Is that to be profiled in the upcoming articles?

  9. You almost lost my attention with, “You can probably reduce it to the priming of certain neurons, the degree of interconnectivity between brain modules, and neurotransmitters that facilitate creativity.”
    However, I persevered, and I’m glad I did.

    Nevertheless, I agree with Lucy. You’ve left us grasping for the “How?”. However, I think it was intentional, to keep us looking for the next post?

    I must be honest, my muse is most active and productive when I apply myself to reading books. No blog inspires thought like a book. The thing is, it doesn’t even have to be a good book! That says a lot for the blogs I read…

  10. Thank you for that post – It was a great read, and I look forward to some tips on how to master that little pixie you call the muse..

    I’m surprised no one as yet has mentioned feeding it wine! Not too much you understand – just a little. Everything in moderation!

    Crikes – now I have images of everyone throwing glasses of wine over their shoulder to feed the pixies sitting naughtily on everyones’ shoulders…

  11. Hi James

    Ha – I have to confess – I knew nothing about Bacchus. So thank you for your comment as it’s lead me to discover that Bacchus is the God of Wine!!!

    It seems to me, that maybe Bacchus could be another name for our “muse”… especially if he’s going to raise our blogs and turn them into constellations in the sky:-)

    Many apologies if I’m going over old ground… I’m new here so haven’t read all of the back posts…

    I’ll shut up now…:-)

  12. Good post, Jon.

    The very best advice on dealing with your muse came from Sir Philip Sidney, who was on this thread 420-odd years before the rest of us – in spirit, at least:

    “..biting my truant pen, beating myself for spite,
    ‘Fool,’ said my Muse to me, ‘look in thy heart and write!'”

  13. Every time I am sure I am wrung dry, that muse comes through. Maybe not at the exact moment I need it but shortly afterwards.

    I guess even a muse needs a break once in a while.

    The comments on this post were terrific! Almost as good as the article. It helps to know we have company.

    Can’t wait for the follow up article. You are going to write one, aren’t you?????

  14. @Lucy and Armen: Sorry for the confusion, guys. Yeah, this was just an introductory post to test the concept. You should see another one from me next week.

    @Bill: Love the quote!

    @Corinne: Yep. Should be several follow-up posts coming over the next few weeks.

  15. Can you ask my muse to stop whispering while I’m trying to fall asleep? Tell her it’d be much better to get the ideas in the morning just after breakfast. 😉

    I had not thought of a blogging muse before this. Now I just have to figure out how to catch her and master her without squishing her.

  16. Deb – teehee ha ha…. that comment made me laugh out loud… I recon your Muse and mine are off skipping in the sunset together – as mine wanders off for days at a time too !!!

  17. For me the best way to master my muse is to write often. I don’t try to make every post a masterpiece, so there is a certain degree of junk that makes it through.

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