Cracking the Abundance Code: Sonia’s in a New Documentary!

Cracking the Abundance Code: Sonia’s in a New Documentary!

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  1. I take what you say to heart Sonia. When you say “if you can keep those two in balance, your curiosity and your stubbornness, you are going to get there. I promise you, you are going to get there.” You got me all verklempt Sonia.

  2. Having watched the film, there is not a lot of difference between this and {The Secret}, which very much impacted me, although neither have really convinced me that you can really have it all if you manifest hard enough.
    I believe that every bodies life is mapped out for them from birth, and whoever you are born to this is your package deal, hopefully you are given the opportunity to have a good life, some are lucky ,,some are not.
    Regards Christine.

    • For me there is a massive difference, which is that you cannot, and should not, expect to get anything simply by “manifesting” (wishing). You have to take action, and you have to keep your eyes open and continue to take informed action.

      The role that “abundance thinking” plays for me is that it sets up a mindset in which you’ll actually take the actions you know would be beneficial. It’s creating a space of optimism in order to fuel behavior change.

      If you’re into podcasts, the episode I linked to goes into a bit more detail — I think mindset is crucial, but it’s just one element. An abundant mindset without action is just daydreaming.

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