StudioPress Acquired by WP Engine

StudioPress Acquired by WP Engine

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  1. I’m assuming that owners of Studiopress Sites accounts/web sites will just move over to WP Engine etc. But what about Rainmaker accounts/sites? They use Studiopress themes, so how will that work? Thank you.

    • We worked all that out as part of the deal. The Rainmaker Platform will still feature Genesis and SP themes as part of the overall package.

      • Thank you for clarifying that about Rainmaker. This was going to be my next question after what happens to my StudioPress account. Will the name change or will we be able to keep thinking Genesis and StudioPress when we’re choosing themes?

    • Once the dust settles, we’ll have much more time and focus for Rainmaker — which was part of the motivation to go ahead with the deal.

  2. Whoa!

    Great news, Why did StudioPress sites shut down? While I’m happy for you it’s sad that a decent affiliate income source just vanished into the blue 🙁

  3. a few notes from a customer of both WPEngine and StudioPress:

    1. I’ve benefited greatly from Jason Cohen’s content over the years. I’ve stolen many insights from “ASmartBear” when I worked for a SaaS company, including how to properly measure churn.

    I even told a competitor to WPEngine that I’m not leaving because I feel like the hosting cost is payback for all the free info Jason has shared.

    So, there’s no other person in WordPress who should understand the value of StudioPress like Jason probably does.

    2. WPEngine received a massive investment in January and announced $100 mil in annual recurring revenue. It’s great to see that buying Studiopress was the first shoe to drop!

    3. I hope they buy a form builder next – specifically Gravity Forms – and add styling as a core feature of the product!

    4. Congrats to the Rainmaker Digital team!

  4. I know for a fact that WPEngine is an industry player in hosting.

    And Studiopress for it’s impeccable themes.

    I own Studiopress themes.

    I just checked and it seems the Studiopress hosting transfers to WPEngine. But the Studiopress themes are still available on your Studiopress website. So will it stay there and just the revenue will go to WPEngine?


    On a side note, I was sad initially because I wanted you guys to crush the hosting game for mid-level business and bloggers. However I am happy because it helps you to focus on new things important. Good luck.

    • Hey Rohan, yes — will remain an independent site owned by WP Engine. Everyone will continue to buy Genesis and themes there. For hosting, people are sent over to to choose their plan and purchase.

      • Do you anticipate rate structure to remain stable under new management or will my small business now have to pay more for studio press hosting. I’m eager to get started. Thx

        • Everything is staying as is for now. WP Engine will be sending out a lot of information to keep you in the loop on the transition, so watch for that.

      • I purchased the all-inclusive StudioPress Themes package (where for a flat fee, users are entitled to use all SP Themes on all of their sites as well as have the option to use any new SP created themes at no additional charge.)

        After the acquisition, will this still be the case?


  5. Congratulations Brian and the StudioPress team. Looking forward to seeing the future roll out with a partnership between these 2 great companies.

  6. Congratulations Brian! Best of luck going forward!

    Will my current studiopress hosting fees migrate over to WPengine?



    • Everything is staying as is for now. WP Engine will be sending out a lot of information to keep you in the loop on all transition matters, so watch for that.

  7. What about those of us who have purchased lifetime Studio Press themes with support included? Will we continue to receive the support and themes of will we have to buy WP Engine?

    • The deal remains as promised for every StudioPress Pro Pack customer. And you are free to use any WordPress host you want, just as always.

  8. Congrats to you all! It’s been fascinating to watch some of the movements in our industry over the past few months – times are changing!

  9. Congratulations Brian on a great deal for Studiopress that values the creators, customers and team.

    But what happens to the Site Success podcast by Jerrod Morris and Sean Jackson?

  10. I’m happy for you, it seems like a good deal that benefits everyone.

    I’m hoping this won’t affect StudioPress affiliates?

  11. Congratulations.

    Unfortunately, I just subscribed to Studiopress Sites hosting 3 days ago.

    Do you recommend canceling before I set up my new site on the hosting?

    I talked with WPengine and they said all of SPS features would be transferred in the next six months, but not all features right now.

    For example, they said we would not have access to Sribe SEO feature now and will need to wait for 4-6 months.

    Any other features not available in WPengine now that we already have in SPS?

    • James, what WP Engine means when they say things won’t be transferred for 6 months is that we are running these hosting accounts for them, on our servers, during a transition period. So since you bought before the announcement, you are good with the feature set you have, with no changes for the immediate future. The transfer to their servers may happen sooner than 6 months, but for now you should be fine.

  12. I recently switched from Synthesis to StudioPress Sites because of the pricing. I seemed to be getting the exact same service but for a much more reasonable price. Will the current StudioPress Sites plans be honored at WP Engine?

  13. Hi,

    I run a small agency and only uses Genesis childthemes from the very beginning of my business (8 years ago). Hope that can still be enjoying Genesis for the long future.


  14. Hi Brian,

    I’ve been following Copyblogger for over 6 years and also a long time customer of Genesis theme. It’s a shocking news to me but as usual you’ve convinced us why the acquisition was important to take StudioPress to the next level.

    I’m also a user of WP Engine, they are good at providing top notch dedicated hosting services at exceptional pricing and they also have lucrative affiliate commission for those who promote their hosting plans.

    That being said, curious to know all the lessons you learned so far from running a hosting business for over 9 years.

    Fingers crossed! I just want to see how the future of StudioPress will be in the hands of WP Engine and I congratulate all the guys at WP Engine for their acquisition.

    Are we going to see any new plans from StudioPress (or new hosting features) apart from pricing, Brian?

    All the best for your future endeavours. Cheers!

  15. I’ve been happy as a StudioPress Pro Pack customer and as a Synthesis hosting client. Brian, it gives me great comfort seeing you here answering questions and being fully transparent.

    I’ll remain a fan of CopyBlogger and the various companies even though I’ll be under the WP Engine umbrella.

    BTW, I really liked WP Engine 5 years ago when I decided to host with Synthesis. And since then, WP Engine has been consistently rated as the top hosting company by many people in the know.

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