How StudioPress Makes Your WordPress Website Work Smarter

How StudioPress Makes Your WordPress  Website Work Smarter

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  1. I love Studiopress. All my websites and blogs have been converted into Genesis Framework. It is very easy to create your own child theme. Just code the CSS and do some modifications in functions.php file, and your child theme is ready. Before this it took me about one week to code and design a WordPress theme from scratch. But now, with Genesis Framework from Studiopress, I can create my WP theme in one or two days max. Really!

  2. I’m a happy camper with my Studio Press design. I opted for the lovely Decor design and had it customized. I use all your other services as well. I love being associated with an integrity based company and Copyblogger is just that! Thanks for creating usable and beautiful products. Great service too from your staff.

  3. I use several of the StudioPress designs for my own sites and those of clients. I really like the plugins that are available. I’m working in my ‘sandbox’ sites to learn more about Premise as well.

  4. They have produced some VERY smart-looking themes, and I am using two of them at the moment, but I do think that you need a good knowledge of how to customise a theme in order to make work if you run an authority site or blog. 🙂

    Have a look at the showcase page and you will see the best themes are ones that are custom-built. 🙂

  5. I love using Studio Press my all websites and blogs are on this plat form. I certainly appreciate their support forum that’s been awesome and very help full. Also its not a simple and clean looks themes but its also have great SEO support friendly and also having the responsive designs with only a little coding.

  6. I have been using Sutdio Press for last two months or so and I am thrilled by it. It operates without any hitch and I find that it is particularly suited for embedding videos. I am planning to use it for more blogs.

    Sanjay Johari

  7. I started recently tweaking with some of the tutorials on Studiopress Blog and the ones that has been provided by Brian Gardner and I must say that I love this Framework.

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