SMS vs Email, How to Leverage Social Media (the Right Way), and the Content Tipping Point

SMS vs Email, How to Leverage Social Media (the Right Way), and the Content Tipping Point

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  1. Similar to the Substack newsletter model is Podcasting, Shopify just signed an exclusive deal with Joe Rogan… could Mailchimp one day start signing newsletter talent, like Morning Brew & Tim Ferriss?

  2. Thanks Darrell and Tim! Really liking the podcast format, very clear, great sound quality. SMS does seem a really interesting area, I think it could be a great tool for my small business. Something I hadnt even though of and would have missed if i hadnt heard your podcast.

  3. Thanks for the podcast! Personally, I always find SMS marketing very intrusive and I think that for some, it has an adverse effect – but maybe I was never a target of a marketing that was really well-tailored to me.

    • This is so true. Any type of marketing can be very intrusive. However, if the message is targeted well enough, everybody wins.

      Even though SMS marketing can be even creepy, it’s still arguably one of the most efficient ways to reach your customers. However, oftentimes companies just don’t do it in a proper and efficient way, which is really sad to see.

      I am a huge fan of diversifying and asset building. Because of this, I’ve built huge email and SMS subscriber lists. This is something I highly recommend to do in any business that wants to reach long-time assets and profits.

  4. Thanks for this post. As someone who spends their waking hours convincing would-be clients to devote resources (time and money) to producing video content for their brand and their products and services, curious to know if are you a proponent of using video across broad marketing campaigns: email, social media, blogging, etc.

  5. Thanks for the awesome post. I always had doubts regarding email and SMS as I was quite confused on which to use. The podcast clarified all my doubts and I think I should start with the SMS also to leverage my business. Looking forward for more.

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