Join Sonia Next Month for a Transformative ‘Slow Business Adventure’ in Norway!

Join Sonia Next Month for a  Transformative ‘Slow Business Adventure’ in Norway!

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  1. I’m so excited for this! It’s the first business conference/event I have invested in for my current biz – as an introvert who is “allergic” to big and impersonal events (hello corner, I’ll just stay here and feel awkward), other events have just not felt like they were going to be worth my time, money or energy. The Small Business Adventure however, is my idea of the perfect networking event. Genuine connections in a smaller setting AND a huge dose of nature – what’s not to like? Bring on September!

  2. OMG, butterflies in my stomach!! I`m tremendously looking forward to meeting entrepreneurs from all over the world, surrounded by mighty nature. And not least to get professional input from you and the other talented people who will be holding workshops. Looking forward to seeing you! 🙂

  3. This will for sure be magical! Torill at Fjellflyt who organizes this is such a valuable person for us small start-ups. A brave woman and conference in beautiful surroundings.
    Unfortunately I cannot attend. Wish you all some fabolous days.

  4. Torill Bye Wilhelmsen brought me carefully out on my entrepreneurpath that made me belive in my ideas. For the last 4 years, I have taken part in Fjellflyt’s arrangements and is first of all the reason why I followed my dream. I am the opposite of introvert, but the honesty and calm environment Torill creates has been the magic thing for me. She made me belive in my adventurous idea. Fjellflytpeoples, workshops and Torills clear questions helped me find the direction during my start-up. Slow but solid! I will highly recommend this adventure into the heart of Norway.

  5. I’ve been to several of Fjellflyts other events, and they are always a treat. The combination of great talks, “get out of your office its good for your business”-experience, and meeting likeminded people is great. If you care about sustainable development, on a personal, economical and global level, I highly recommend coming joining in on the Slow Business Adventure in Jotunheimen National Park this september.

  6. When I went to Slow Business’ baby sister event in January I finally found my Norwegian business tribe and now I cannot wait to meet the international one.

    Being a developer my regular crowd is all about the hustle and building unicorns, while I like to enjoy my life and family while building and working in my business.

    Hope to see you there!

  7. I am really looking forward to this conference. It is totally different from anything else I have attended. Torill, Fjellflyt and the amazing group of entrepreneurs have been my mentors for years…!! I love them all, and I really look forward to meet them in the mighty Norwegian mountains, my favorite place on earth…!!! If you can, join the conference. North of the ordinary…!!?☀️❤️

  8. I’m so much looking forward to this!! Stunning nature and surrounded by creative people all day. What else can you which for? 😉

  9. No doubt: Go slow and grow strong! I have attended Fjellflyt’s yearly “Plan A” 2-day seminars twice. Torill and her team have an engaging approach to complex questions around entrepreneurship. I highly recommend joining them, for uncovering your business’ potential and digging in to your personal interest, in your business. There is no sustainability in just working your ass off. To become your best and happiest, I am sure this is where to be.

  10. I am so excited to join this event as a participant, meeting entrepreneurs from all over the world, learning from and speak to other small business owners. I am so exited to join your WS Sonia Simone. Hopefully this will give me a real kick to escalate my own small business. I have participated at Fjellflyt entrepreneurship trainings and their yearly planning seminar a couple of years now, and it have motivated my to believe in my ideas and lift my passionate hobby-business from a crazy dream to reality. Torild is not only a skill full and experienced business coach, she is also the most lovely person and motivator. I am on my way, and hope to see many of you in my “Hammock camp”, and by my camp fire at Gjendesheim where I will offer you advice on how to enjoy the mighty Norwegian outdoor and mountains in a safe way. Looking forward seeing you all.

  11. I have been part of the Fjellflyt community since 2014. Torill B. Wilhelmsen has a gift of attracting people that is likeminded. And if attending you will meet your unkown friends. You will earn new knowledge that can bring your business foreward, how focus is your best friend og and that nature and thinking out of the box can make you and your business stand out! And the nature it self will blow your mind! Fjellflyt has helped entrepreneurs chase their dreamlife, one step at the time makeing substainable businesses. And now she takes it even further, bringing on international speakers and welcoming you all to Norway! ?? You should have high expectations! And they will come through!

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