Scribe 3.0: SEO Made Simple

Scribe 3.0: SEO Made Simple

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    • I’ve been using Scribe for four months or thereabout.

      This is one software I don’t plan on discarding any time soon. I’m still mastering it but so far the quality of my content has significantly improved.

      Don’t take my word for it, just try it yourself.

      I strongly endorse the product.

    • Yes! I’ve been hearing about scribe a lot these past couple of weeks. It’s making me very tempted to check it out. And, sorry for sounding like a newbie, but does this work with regular WordPress themes too?

      • I’m not really sure what you mean by ‘regular WordPress Thems? If by ‘regular’ you mean free WordPress Themes, I think you it can work well.

        Brian answered that concern in the post: “Scribe requires the ability to enter a custom title tag and a meta description via your WordPress interface. Most popular themes and plug-ins, both free and paid, enable these two functions so you can use Scribe directly from WordPress.
        Themes that work with Scribe for WordPress:

        * Genesis
        * Thesis
        * Headway
        * Hybrid
        * Frugal
        * WooThemes”

        This is a very good plugin. I use it myself and don’t plan on discarding.

        It is a workhorse for bloggers, article writers and direct marketers who rely on landing pages to make money.

    • Mark, Scribe identifies other relevant sites (based on your content) that you’ll want to establish a relationship with. You could, for example, offer to guest post, or leave comments so the site owner notices your work, etc.

  1. Interesting product – I may try it out for WP and Drupal.

    One item I may add to the conversation here is the importance of being proactive (and not just reactive) in your keyword research. In other words, if I only target keywords/keyword phrases that users are currently searching for, so will all my competitors, and it’s increasingly difficult to rise to the top.

    I should instead balance my keyword targeting toward different phrases that I can “own.” Then it’s on me to be my own evangelist and get that phrase out there through both my online and offline efforts.

    Can the keyword research tool speak to that concern?

    • Sorry, no. Just WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla. But Blogger users (or anyone) can use Scribe Web to analyze any content no matter how it’s eventually published.

  2. I actually love this product. I even compared this with SEO pressor. A fellow tribe member (blogger) and I have both products. I have Scribe and she has the other. We put them against each other and…

    Well bottom line… I won! I feel Scribe is a superior product with more advanced features that are easy to understand.

    I would be happy to provide a testimonial if that’s of any interest.

    Ken Pickard
    The Network Dad

    • While we wish everyone used Scribe, they don’t. 🙂

      Also, people have been practicing SEO for well over a decade. The tool only makes you more efficient and effective.

      • True that. If you know your SEO, scribe won’t help you out that much EXCEPT with the automation. Getting automated hints and interlinking is such a releif instead of doing it on your own. Interlinking via content is really one of the most time consuming chores I need to do in my blog if I want my on-site optimization to be perfect.

        Scribe can save you lots of time.

  3. I have been using scribe for about 4 months and I can attest that it has not only helped my traffic, but incidentally it has also helped me think about my writing in a better way. With scribe, I now try to hit a certain target when I compose a post and thus I’m more cognizant of the overall goal of the post.

    I would love to see future development of scribe start to analyze for LSI and LDA which are still experimental theories of SEO, however they are showing strong correlation and as Google continues to strive toward serving up good, relevant content then it would be a perfect addition to the already amazing features of this tool.

    • Shane, great points and we have been talking with Ben and Rand about LDA for the future. There is some great research on semantic relatedness and topic modeling link analysis that we have been reviewing. More on this point in the future 🙂

      Thanks again for being a great customer!

  4. Great product. I have been using scribe for a few months now and plan to keep using it. Increasing traffic to my site and having better writing abilities are important to me.Thanks for all the great features and thanks for making it better and better.

  5. I still dont get the buzz about scribe plugin. It just does basic SEO stuff like recommending to include keywords in the title and some such things.

    In my opinion scribe must be a one time payment plugin since it does not offer any real value other than trick the newbie in SEO with smart sales letter (Surprisingly Brian is a copywriter) into buying this overpriced software.

    Anyone can get this information for free by reading just one article. At the price you are suggesting (Especially per evaluation), it’s just not worth it.

    I know my comment will get sacked (or will you have enough guts to publish it?). But I certainly wish they explain to me why scribe is anything more than a very BASIC SEO analysis tool and how they justify the price

    • Rebecca, thanks for the comment. The thing you’re missing about Scribe is the proprietary algorithm we have that essentially looks at your content the way a search engine would, and more importantly, tells you what search engines *think* you’re writing about (which is often very different from what humans think they’re writing about).

      Search engines are constantly evolving, and Scribe stays up to date with that evolution for you. That’s why it’s a service, not a one shot picture in time that will be quickly outdated. While it talks to WordPress via a plugin, Scribe is not a plugin. It’s a constantly updated algorithm.

      What’s really overpriced is any one-time SEO product or SEO advice, since it will be outdated at the next Google update. This is why people find Scribe valuable.

      Hope this helps clear things up.

  6. I am probably demonstrating my ignorance, but does scribe work only with or will it work on Thanks for your patience.

    • At this point, just on self-hosted wordpress (in other words,, or Joomla or Drupal. But you can use Scribe Web to analyze any content no matter how it’s eventually published, so you can analyze & optimize content offline and then publish it on your blog.

  7. Thanks! I think I will get your product. I’ve been putting off SEO in my posts lately because searching with Google Keyword Tool and Market Samurai takes too long, in my opinion. Not to mention keeping up with news of Google changes with instant and all the buzz going on about SEO. It gets overwhelming. I think reading the other comments about Scribe and the post convinces me to try it.

  8. This product looks really useful. I’m a new blogger starting my own company and I definitely will look into using the Scribe software to improve my SEO on my blog.

  9. I subscribed to the service about 3 months ago, using it sporadically because – let’s face it – after I’ve written a post I really want the satisfaction of seeing it live. The additional gateways add a little extra time for evaluation, and if any changes are made well, it could mean a little rewriting too. The thing is, if you want to see improvements in your work and get more mileage out of your efforts, this is something you just gotta do. It’s becoming easier and I’m ridiculously pleased when I see all green lights when running the diagnostic 🙂

  10. The only thing I wish this plugin would do…or maybe it does and I just don’t know how to… is allow me to enter the keyword I want to rank for. Scribe just seems to pull the keyword it wants.

    If I could change it, then that would be awesome!

    Ken Pickard
    The Network Dad

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