How Premise 2.1 is an Even Better Engine to Run Your Digital Business

How Premise 2.1 is an Even Better Engine to Run Your Digital Business

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    • Not to get too technical, but basically Clickbank doesn’t provide a payment gateway API the same way other gateways do (, PayPal, Braintree, 2CO, etc.), since the process is different than a true payment gateway system.

      However, our plan is to provide a separate Clickbank plugin, outside of the gateway hook system, that will work with their API. In fact, the dev team is currently mapping that out (but we can’t give a specific date for release).

  1. Will this work with The Headway Theme? Looks like a great way to keep flexibility headway gives you and still build solid landing pages.


  2. Hi, do you yet (or plan to) offer tests? And different membership levels that work with those tests?

    e.g. Three membership levels. My users start with Level 1 and only get promoted to the next membership level if they pass the test on Level 1.

    • We don’t have any plans to add this. However, one of the changes coming is to provide more hooks for custom plugins. Then functionality such as this can be built out as a separate plugin, to work off of the Premise core.

  3. Genesis vs Premise?

    It was only a couple if weeks back that I found this site and heard about the Genesis Framework for WordPress. I was just wondering what exactly is the difference between Genesis and Premisis; Does each one specialise in a different aspect of website design or are they both used mainly for landing pages. Since they are provided by the same company, I am assuming that you can use both products for your website – each one giving you a different advantage


    • Genesis is the WP theme framework for our themes. You can find out more here:

      Premise allows you to make landing pages independent of your theme, and also provides membership, checkout, and access management for digital products.

      So they’re really designed for 2 different purposes.

    • Genesis is a design framework for you general WordPress site (posts, pages, etc). Our StudioPress child themes work with it to provide the basic look and feel of your site.

      Premise is for specialized elements of your site — custom landing pages that you can control much more than general WP pages, and secure membership areas that used to cost a fortune in development expense. Premise also allows for split-testing pages, and includes graphics, copywriting advice, and online marketing seminars.

  4. HI! Premise is really a great tool use to run digital sales campaign and its been easy to use.

    I got one question about it, when you do any customization in your theme, the error pops up from the premise plugin. Can you guide me why is that?

  5. Premise is one of my favorite WordPress plugin I ever purchased. Its just a very great tool that simplifys my marketing business. And I consider myself as their most happiest customer.

    Thanks for creating such a wonderful plugin. Well worth the money.

    BTW, Premise 2.1 is improved more than before!


  6. Premise appears to be a great plugin and I the reason I bought this plugin was so I could have one system for integration purposes instead of so many different plugins, such as Wishlist and DLGuard.. I was wondering how often there will be updates and what is the guesstimate for the next update.

    I bought the premise the first week of release and unfortunately I don’t use it now. Just like many of you, I immediately presented my suggestions about adding other forum plugins, such as SimplePress because I don’t want to use or pay a yearly fee for the vbulletin. Also, I was hoping we would have more options for using for purchasing and checkout, such as the Paypal standard, JVZoo, etc.

    • James, we continue to act on customer feedback. 2.1 is just that, the first set of improvements upon the Premise 2.0 platform. More soon!

  7. How does Premise integrate VISUALLY with my theme? Does it pick up the styles? Do I have to try to match colors/styles manually?!

    • For landing pages, they are independent of your theme — and work with any theme. For the member/access functions, they can work with any pages/post types.

  8. Would it be possible to open up a support forum for Premise like you have for all the other Copyblogger products?

    We asked about this on the StudioPress forum at and got summarily dismissed. A de facto forum had sprung up on your affiliate Kathleen’s site at but she has since deleted our posts, and others, too, that listed problems we were having with Premise, presumably she didn’t want any negative comments affecting her affiliate sales. Her site, her perogative.

    I know there’s support available for Premise, we’ve tried using it (Daisy is likely totally sick of us now!). I have read all the documentation. We still ongoing issues – more than a handful. The support community we experienced on the Genesis side was one big reason we went with Premise in the first place – yet we’re sort of hanging out on the line with no resolutions coming. Getting input from other users of this software and sharing best practices and workarounds to known issues would be a great help.

    Copyblogger team: Thoughts?

    • Thanks ES — we’ve found that for most of our customers, forums are just not a great delivery mechanism for these types of true support issues. (Of course they’re great for community, which is why they’re such a strong resource for the Genesis developers.)

      The good news is, we’ve got quite a bit of new tutorial material being developed even as we speak, with videos and webinars to address the issues that most often come up.

      • Hi Sonia,
        You stated the following: The good news is, we’ve got quite a bit of new tutorial material being developed even as we speak, with videos and webinars to address the issues that most often come up.

        Are all the new and old tutorial materials with video and webinars located only in the “Welcome to the Premise Education Center or also somewhere else?. If somewhere else, where?

  9. Looks like there may be some useful features in Premise 2.2 but cannot find any documentation on it. Where can we learn about the after purchase hooks? Good to see coupons as a new feature but cannot figure out how it’s supposed to be used. Is this in the support section of and we just can’t find it? Help please!

      • Any word on when the documentation will be ready? The features are unfortunately not self-explanatory; we’re in a holding pattern on installing the update until we get guidance on how to use it.

        Please let us know – thanks!

  10. Are you working on a way to accept payments via Stripe? They now have Canadian currency capability. When will it be available?

  11. We are very interested in Stripe integration with premise. It is a very easy API, it should be easy to integrate with and would be very valuable to many customers. If you won’t be doing it in 2.1 is there a timeline for this?


    • +1 on need for Stripe support. Stripe rocks. We’ve had lots of problems with PayPal and would love to make Stripe our primary payment processor.

    • Stripe is next on the list of gateway plugins we plan to develop internally, but we don’t have a specific timeline. However, as of v2.1, the gateway architecture was developed so anyone can write a gateway plugin — as long as the gateway has an available API — using the existing Premise gateway plugins as a template.

      • Thanks Tony. That’s really good news. I’m not quite ready to do WordPress plugin programming on my own yet, so I’ll have to wait until your official Stripe gateway is available. As soon as it is out, I’ll be buying Premise. It’s really great to be dealing with someone who listens to their potential customers’ needs and responds to them.

  12. Tony,
    You mentioned you were considering adding a simple affiliate management plugin in a future version. Until you create an affiliate management plugin, what affiliate management plugin(s) or software(s) will work with Premise right now? I need an affiliate management plugin or software and need to know what to use that will work well with Premise. Thanks.

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