Bad Email Marketing and Nickelback Don’t Have Much in Common

Bad Email Marketing and Nickelback Don’t Have Much in Common

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  1. Neat analogy Stefanie. Popular rock bands sometimes attract a legion of folks who love what they do but are not clear enough to express themselves in honest fashion. These folks are known as haters. If haters genuinely did not like a band, they would ignore it and give no attention to it. Emails that generate no feedback are indeed weak, and those getting love and hate have hit the mark. Always about the critic though, when marketers worry about negative feedback, and never about you. I recall a guy flipping out because I emailed on a Sunday one time. 100% about his anger and lack of religious clarity and nothing to do with the generous service I rendered through the email. I felt like Nickelback that day LOL.

  2. When “everybody hates” something, it usually means it elicits a strong response. Just like email marketing, which “everyone hates,” but ends up being super effective when you do it right. So important to use data rather than loud opinions when you’re making decisions!

    • Right on, Kelley!

      It’s so easy to say you “hate” something, but there’s not a lot to “hate” about email marketing when you get an educational piece of content that actually helps you (for free!) or a discount on something you want or need. 🙂

  3. Email marketing should be used judiciously.
    Using email marketing to spam is harmful and ends up harming those who really do a good job of spreading information that has value.
    Email marketing, if used well, can bring many benefits to both the receiver and the sender.

  4. “everyone hates” many things, email marketing happens to be in that list of the most hated ways to spread valuable content and information. But like you said, instead of hating, why not simply ignore it? But I like your analogy, I don’t like Nickelback but I don’t hate either 🙂

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