Michael Stelzner on Capturing Emails and Committing to Quality

Michael Stelzner on Capturing Emails and Committing to Quality

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  1. This is the first time I’ve given The Lede a listen (although I’ve been dancing around it for a while) and I’m impressed. Solid production quality and an insightful interview.

    I was also impressed with Michael’s description of his team’s editorial process. Our site moves at a much faster pace, as we’re covering news that is happening now, but there is something to the notion of slowing down and putting each article through more of a “beautification process.”

    All this to say, great stuff. You’ve made a listener out of me.

    • Thank you Neil! Makes my day reading comments like these. We have a lot of informative episodes planned for the future. And yes … slowing down to focus on quality, even when your content is time-sensitive, can have tremendous benefits.

    • I was also surprised by the quality of the lede.

      I liked the part about making posts and articles easy to digest.

      I think the lede needs some more love. In my case authority and the blog posts took away my attention. But you really find some unique and usable ideas in these posts.

  2. Michael’s Social Media Examiner can be seen as example of good polished work. Unfortunately, such level of performance can not be achieved by most of beginner bloggers.

    But what they can do, as Michael and Jerod say, is to focus on producing high quality content that people need. And even if the text is not proofread by professional editors and the website design is not featuring outstanding art works, the value of the content will be rewarded.

    And one day all other design features that should surround great content will come.

  3. Hey Jerod!

    Great episode! What’s the chance I could convince you to submit to stitcher? 70 percent of the market is android ya know.

    Thanks for the great chat with Michael.


    • Ellory, thank you for the kind words! We have discussed Stitcher, and it’s something we may do. Your vote of confidence will certainly help push us in that direction, if it’s a good fit.

  4. I noticed that Jerod mentioned the ‘Social Media Marketing World’, in San Diego.

    Are there any similar events outside of the US (specifically any in the UK/Europe)? I would love to be able to attend one of these events.

  5. I love marketing podcasts and am excited to see that Copyblogger has one (again – I liked the earlier series from a couple of years ago with Brian, Sonia, et. al.). Didn’t realize until I saw this post that Copyblogger had a new podcast – have now downloaded all 10 of them to catch up. I already know it’s going to be great – I hope it’s successful for you!

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