7 Basic Features Every Good Web Host Should Offer

7 Basic Features Every Good Web Host Should Offer

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  1. To be fair, that man running backwards next to Eisen is Deion Sanders in a wig. Sanders is one of the fastest Defensive Backs to ever play the game, and even at his current age is probably faster than most adults.

    Backpedaling as fast as a wide receiver could run forward is sort of a required skill for a quality cornerback.

    • Are you sure that’s Deion? I’m so used to seeing him in snazzy suits … I didn’t think he’d ever be caught on camera in anything else!

      And I will take exception re: backpedaling. A corner will never be able to backpedal as fast as a wide receiver, not at the NFL level. This is why corners have to either a) provide a 5-7 yard cushion at the line or b) bump the receiver and then eventually swivel their hips to turn and run with the receiver (hence why hip fluidity is such a huge trait scouts look for in DBs). The backpedaling simply buys them a second or two to read the play.

      Either way, the point is that you never want your web hosting to be akin to Rich Eisen running a 40. On that, I don’t think anyone would disagree! 😉

      • I actually watched this live during the combine. It’s Deion in a giant afro wig because NFL Network had him doing this bit where he re-enters the draft as “Leon Sandcastle”

        And true, no DB is ever going to run down the field backwards as fast as a quality WR, but they do need to backpedal at speed for a bit off the line. The Bengals are trying to convert Onterio McCalebb from Running Back to Corner this camp, and one of the knocks on him is that he’s never had to backpedal and it’s a difficult transition.

        Don’t get me started on football on Copyblogger, I can hijack this entire comments thread. 🙂

        But yes, we agree the point is relevant, but the example given might have been unfair 🙂

        • Haha, Leon Sandcastle … that’s great! Converting from RB to corner is tough. The skills that make a great RB are quick feet (especially in the hole) and vision, even more than speed. Corners need to have those fluid hips and quick feet too, when it comes time to break. Will be interesting to see if they can make that transition. The fact that some guys can do that, at a level as high as the NFL, is a testament to what incredible athletes they are.

          And yes, we probably could hijack this thread! My dad is an NFL scout, so I could talk about this stuff all day. 🙂

  2. I need a website to have an ecommerce function, as I sell products, I can’t see anything relating to this, but maybe I’m looking in the wrong place, or its an extra function?? Help please. Thank you

    • Ellen, if you are selling products then you definitely want an ecommerce function on your site. But that does not necessarily need to come from the host–certainly it is not “essential.” If you are running WordPress, then there are many excellent programs and plugins that can help you with ecommerce. And your host can probably recommend ones that work the best with their particular configs.

  3. I recently went through hosting woes with company that was considered to be one of the best hosts. Ironically, it was recommended specifically for its stability and uptime as well as easy integration to WordPress. Super slow load speeds and constant server issues have me looking elsewhere.

    Synthesis, i’ve got my eye on you 🙂

  4. Hi Jerod,

    I think you are right on the money regarding hosting. It’s such a vitally important component of your online business, yet so many marketers buy cheap, crappy hosting packages. In the early days of my business I employed many cheapo hosting programs. Each new program brought more disappointment. Very frustrating indeed.

    I highly recommend internet marketers use a credible hosting service a service that understands what online marketers really want and need.

    I currently have a hosting contract but I will be looking seriously at your service to help me grow my business.

    Take care.


    • Absolutely Rick. You get what you pay for … and when it comes hosting, hopefully you keep on getting more and more for the same price. That’s our objective.

  5. Synthesis is great but it is the hosting of a professional choice. While my website does not get a lot of visitors I am still happy with my shared hosting which is great from uptime point of view (99.97% says my hosting provider), support (although I have not had any problems, just contacted them a couple of time to educate me a bit on hosting things) and the speed point of view. Pingdom has just given me 1.36 sec time full download of my front page (Pingdon says “Your website is faster than 83% of all tested websites”).
    And it is an non-expensive at all – more than 8 times cheaper than the starter plan of Synthesis.

    I think that when my website gains more popularity I will think of choosing between VPS and Synthesis.

    Jerod, can you please outline the advantages of Synthesis hosting compared to managed VPS from other hosting providers of the same price?

    • Michael, I agree with you that premium hosting is not for everyone. If your site can service your business interests and your readers at $7/month, stay where you are. But at the point where your performance lags on a server config not optimized for WordPress, or support is lacking, or growth potential is tapped out, then the additional monthly expense becomes worthwhile and ROI can be realized.

      The best way to compare Synthesis to other providers in the managed WP hosting space is to:

      See what our managed hosting offers …



      …and compare it to what the “other guys” offer:


      • Jerod, thank you for the links. They are good starting points to get introduced with Synthesis.
        I think I will look closely at Synthesis features and respectful users experience reviews when right time comes for my website. For now my $3.2/mo host is good enough. Anyway, I absolutely agree with you that it is matter of ROI when you choosing a right hosting; and even a higher price may appear to be much more cheaper solution after all.

    • Michael, great comment. I would add that you don’t want to think about hosting after it crashes under the load of traffic. While most of us will grow sites slowly and steadily, there comes a time when you write a killer post for a big guest blog or some hot shot tweets your content and you get a ton of traffic, but your site buckles … and those are wasted first impressions. Also, getting on board with professional hosting before you hit it big is sort of like saying, “Now I have to make this work.” Consider it an act of burning the boats.

  6. Love all the football comparisons! There are just not enough sports analogies in blogging these days.

    Finding a host that meets all those requirements and does not break the bank can be tricky for sure. I have learned all too often that with web hosting, much like everything else, you get what you pay for!


  7. This is a very good post with lots of great information. I wish I had come across it when I was new, and needed help finding a host ! I have had to switch and that too was a huge pain. My biggest problem with hosts is the service, the ones I have had act like I SHOULD KNOW all of what they do. :/ I dont, that is why they are in tech support and not me haha.

  8. I think you are right that support is important — 24 hour support is not common for smaller hosts and we’ve worked with hosts that don’t even have phone support—ARG! I think its also important to consider up-time and ease of use of the control panel (for new email setup or wordpress installs). Not all hosts are created equal that is for sure.

  9. Two things:

    1. My favorite thing about the Synthesis website is the fact that they acknowledge that different variations of WordPress sites (Buddypress, forum sites, membership sites, etc.) have different needs, and they provide some information on it. Too many WordPress hosts keep you in the dark on their hosting environment setup/capabilities until after you’re a customer.

    2. My rule of thumb for hosting that I share with everyone who asks me for advice – the focus of your search for hosting should not be on what happens with your website 98% of the time (when everything is running smoothly, hopefully), it’s on what happens during that other 2%. This is where the differences between hosting options come to the fore. The best get you back up and running quickly, and the cheap options leave you panicking.

  10. Jerrod, Thanks for creating this blog. You always do a really great job at explaining things so even I can understand them (that says a lot!).

    Just want to reach out and express my gratitude.


  11. Hey Jarrod, I am a musician of 30 years. Your blog has helped me formulate a better more meaningful message for my students and prospective clients. I Just want to thank you for providing this free info. I had spoke to a few copywriters before and they were reluctant to tell me anything unless I shelled out hard dosh.

    Again, your site rocks!

    I’ll be coming here often now…for good


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