I’ve Been Disappeared by Technorati

I’ve Been Disappeared by Technorati

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  1. I’m trying to leave a comment on your site but it keeps saying, “this blog doesn’t exist.”


    Just kidding. Technorati doesn’t deserve to have you listed anyway. I doubt you’ll hear from them, but if you do please keep us updated!

  2. Very strange indeed…

    I once emailed Technorati and actually got a response from them. It was early days and I’d stupidly created two versions of my sciencebase.com site and wanted to merge their profiles, no go was the response, sadly.


  3. Holy cr**p! Are you freakin’ kidding me? What’s the matter with Technorati; are they BLIND? How many subscribers do you have? What? 30 THOUSAND, did you say??! It’s like having to put out crumbs to the people supposed to run the friggin’ blogosphere so they take the bait!

    Are they waiting for a FAX, for cripes’ sake? Sheesh! And we’re supposed to SUPPORT their system?

    Oh, wait, maybe they just couldn’t handle the competition. “Hm. Copyblogger’s getting popular. We can’t have that. Brian might outrank us. Let’s ask the engineers how to resolve this problem. They have to earn their pay, after all.”

    Or maybe… just maybe… this is all an illusion. We’re not really on the net. Copyblogger and the virtual world don’t exist. Has someone drugged my coffee? Am I hallucinating? Do I really have pants on or is that an illusion, too?

    (How’d I do?)

  4. I can’t seem to remember the last time I actually went to Technorati for the purposes they seem to intend for non-webdev visitors/users.

    Come to think of it, I don’t think I ever have.

    Am I alone here?

  5. U do not exist.
    U R not real.
    I’m reading U.
    I’m not real?
    I’m not real.
    It’s Maxtrix, dude.

    Anyway, relax and have a good weekend!

  6. Hey Brian,

    Exact same thing happened to my blog and I had the exact same response from Technorati until I posted in their support forum (not the easiest to find) the other day and they told me what they thought the problem was.

    Still trying to fix it, but, here’s what they said…


    My builder is still trying to figure it out, but the other guy in the thread is up and running.

    Hope that helps!


  7. I pinged Copyblogger on Technorati a few times for you, don’t know if that’ll make a difference.

    Have you tried re-submitting and re-claiming your site, Brian?

  8. Hi there – someone here? πŸ˜‰

    Technorati makes up their own rules on who, why and when some blog is popular it seems. In December I had 97 fans, now according to Technorati 94 don’t ‘love’ me anymore ;-(

    Noticed another ‘popularity’ bug the last two days in Feedburner too: dropped from average 92 subsribers to 42 – google’s feedfetcher somehow ‘got lost’.

    That’ s back to normal now, but only shows how ‘fickle’ internet technology is you don’t control yourself.

  9. Jonathan, thanks! I read the thread, and I’m still not sure what the problem is. I don’t typically ping Technorati, and use pingomatic instead.

    Anyway, I left a post over there. Hopefully they can figure out what’s up.

    Travis, the pinging doesn’t seem to help. And the support thread Jonathan linked to says pinging is the problem, although I’m not clear exactly how from what was said.

  10. Brian – unfortunately it says more about Technorati’s lack of credibilty than it does YOU! What happened to transparency in the blogosphere – if that isn’t big brother – what is!

  11. Technorati has disappointed me on MORE than one occasion. Even after speaking with a rep IN PERSON at the BlogWorld Conference, nothing came off it.

    As of now, there are two listings of my site. One is completely outdated.

    I think someone needs to take over Technorati.

  12. It mus be “shit” on Technorati and boy am I pleased.

    I was there yesterday trying to change the address of my blog to reflect a complete site rebuild.

    Well…in order to do that…I had to delete my entire old blog address….BUT…now get this…it won’t let me reinstate my new blog…even though the URL is 99.7 % the same.

    Like how hard can this be:



    Shit I’m missing something here.

    I did get an email…you know “Due to the extreme call volume we are experiencing….blah, blah , blah blah.)

    Technorati is becoming a clueless Google.


  13. This reminds me of BlogExpo (or BlogWorldExpo, I forget), when the Technorati reps had no idea who John Chow was and didn’t believe the man when he told them how many subscribers he had.

    You would think that Technorati would know these things.

    Then again, they don’t know who Copyblogger is, so that’s saying something, I suppose.

  14. Hey, I’m subscribed to you, so there’s no way what technorati thinks has any bearing on what I think. But… I have my own beef with them… they aren’t letting my ping them to update my blog! What the heck!
    Anyway, Brian, thanks for all the hard work you put into your blog. Don’t worry about technorati, your readers will realize that it’s not working and find some other means to read your posts. πŸ™‚

  15. (in case my last comment was read wrong, because I can see two ways it could be interpreted… why should we care what Technoblahblah says, when we know the true value of Copyblogger? Why look to an outside authority when we, the readers, know what’s what?)

  16. If you’re Keyzer Soze, shouldn’t you delete your blog in defiance and then shoot everybody in the Technorati office?

    Or at least tell everyone you did?

    In all seriousness though, Darren had a similar problem a while back.

    You might take his approach and try contacting the advertising department πŸ™‚

  17. Brian – I feel your pain – last year when they started their short-lived vlog, I tried to contact them and never heard back.

    After I posted my customer service face off, they finally responded.

    Technorati was the only F on the list.

    FYI, part of it is because I see that Jalichandra is only interested in pumping his top 100 list. What makes your story even weirder is that you are one of them!

  18. Adam, I tend to agree. Unfortunately, there’s all these silly rankings that use Technorati data.

    For example, I’m usually #2 on the Advertising Age Power 150, and that sends me some nice daily traffic. But when Technorati doesn’t work as advertised, I get nuked.

    It’s a small thing really. But it would be nice if things *did* work as advertised.

  19. As a follow up…Brian don’t feel bad.

    I too have a higher “so called authority”ranking than others in my niche…but guess what…Technorati hasn’t been reporting my new blog posts as quickly as they are for so-called “non-authority blogs.”

    As a few have already suggested—who cares.

    Maybe this is the “Technorati Slap.”

    Without us they don’t have a business – apoint they seem to be missing.

    Gee…this has been fun and right on time considering how pissed off I was at them yesterday….lol


  20. That’s really weird, have you heard of this happening to anyone else before?

    Very poor business etiquette on their end too…..they can’t even send you a reply to say “we’re working on it” or whatever??

  21. Steven:

    Since you can read this post….AND…I can read this post…it means the ‘god’ of Technorati hasn’t removed you from the blog planet yet.


    Since we are all bitching here…I expect that Technorati will soon disappear all of us.

    Well…it has been nice knowing you all for today…see you in Elysium.

    Strength and honour.


  22. It’s not just you; we got the same thing the other day. As I’m still intermittently picking up my own posts via a Technorati feed, I don’t think it’s telling the truth though.

  23. After wiping my tears away I thought, “How can I help Brian?” So, now that you don’t exist, let me know if you need any help forwarding your FeedBurner subscriptions. πŸ˜‰ I’m just trying to help man. It’s the least I can do. πŸ™‚

  24. There’s a room over at Technorati that is small, cold, and dimly lit. In this room a little old man resembling Gollum sits perched on a creaky wooden stool in front of a ginormous green glowing monitor. Overhead, a bare lightbulb sputters off and on. His job: to mess up blog accounts with huge subscriber lists. The goal: to generate mass advertisement through blogger posts (and drive up Technorati’s very own authority)…………

    And you thought no email response/resolution was just bad customer service……..Boohahahahahah……….

  25. Well…it seems Technorati has surely disappeared Copyblogger.

    Cut and paste:

    I’ve Been Disappeared by Technorati

    Into Technorati —no results—yet—results by Google etc.

    There you have it.

    No instant update=no need for Technorati.

  26. technocrapi only exists because google blog search is an even bigger disaster.

    instead of persai and all these companies, we just need a simple blog search that works.

  27. Brian,

    Any chance someone at Technorati is playing a joke on you?

    Maybe their goal was to have you write about this and get some instant feedback from your fans.


  28. Hi Brian! I had this problem many times, but Technorati’s stuff usually reply quite fast. I don’t understand why they need to fix manually their database… πŸ™‚

  29. When I search your URL on Technorati you’re there. (Complete with this post.)

    I’ve had a similar thing happen in the past. Seems like an occasional Technorati glitch. I try again an hour later and it’s back. Seems that that’s all that happened here. No conspiracy after all.

  30. Nice!

    See, you DO have clout!

    My blog is still in Technorati lost-sock-land with the same issue more than a week later!

    So much for caring about the little guys!

    @ James, trust me, I’ve been bitching, but still nuthin’!

  31. I say we all band together and force the disappearance of Techno . . . Technorati . . . tec . . . however you spell that word that makes no sense to the average person and no one understands outside of the blog world!

    Hey, we all put links to their site on our sites, the least they could do is acknowledge that we exist at the very least! Geeezzz.

    Anyway, who cares about them – Brian, your site has helped me 100 times over. I deeply appreciate your time and free service.

  32. Looks like I am too late, I was going to offer you the ability to guest post at my blog until Copyblogger reappeared on Technorati’s version of the Interweb. πŸ™‚

    Thanks for this post though, as I thought Technorati had disappeared from relevancy months ago. πŸ˜‰

  33. Brian,

    I’ve been a reader and a fan since the days when you had less subscribers, than you now have Technorati fans.

    Therein lies the importance. You are more “appeared” than they…

    Keep up the great work, and before you know it Technorati, Digg and some of the others will be looking to get listed on your site.


  34. My blog is still gone, either way

    Technorati does not respond to my mails or pings.

    I had an authority of 330+ before that. Now other bloggers can’t even see if I’m linking them anymore.

    I wrote a post about our over reliance on third party tools like Technorati which tend to break quite often:

  35. Been there, done that.

    It’s more common that they believe I do not exist. So far I think over half of my days blogging has been like this, though they seem to have gotten better (for me) lately.

  36. Happened to my blog twice. Definitely not a pinging issue, because a friendly support person was able to fix it on request and told me it was an issue on their side. I assume some 301 redirects can confuse technorati. Details here.

  37. You said it yourself, they track conversations. They never said that get involved in them.

    I bet your email is well tracked, tagged and searchable in their archives now.

  38. what’s technorati? i tried googling it, but they said it’s just some abstract idea whose power is based on imagined influence (as opposed to have actual concrete ideas or influence)

    so, if you don’t pay it any heed, it does not actually exist…

  39. Technorati breaks constantly, and they never respond to email, but they do always seem to fix things.

    One thing I’ve wondered is why they insist upon spidering your home page to find your new content? Wht don’t they just use RSS like the rest of us?

  40. They’ve sucked wind everywhere for about two weeks. Their ironically named “help” site says they’re having trouble indexing blogspot and wordpress blogs.
    They claim to have solved the problem, but I haven’t been indexed by them in weeks. (not that this is a loss to Western Civilization or The English Speaking Peoples of The World.)

  41. Having the same problem and numerous emails to Technorati have done nothing yet their spiders keep hitting my website… Go figure. I give up at this point.

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