Turn into a Pro Freelance Writer,
with Ed Gandia

Turn into a Pro Freelance Writer,<br>with Ed Gandia

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  1. What a great journey Ed has had and it shows that hard work pays off. I have read that more technical writing for manuals and guides is more in demand and pays better that just writing more general content?

  2. This was excellent! I’m not a copywriter but I write for my sites and I can certainly apply these concepts to my business, especially, the part about outsourcing some tasks my clients need but I don’t personally provide. There are so many people out there who do quality work in fields we aren’t experts in… Either way, thanks for this post. There’s so much gold in here!

  3. Thats really helpful. I write all of my lash blog articles on my own. the problem I have now is that I cant find new topics. in the moment I have 200 articles on my site and the visitor rate is really great, but I have no idea what to write anymore. what do you think about yoast? Sometimes I have 2 red faces on my articles and the seo is perfect. Thats really strange.

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