Direct from Brazil: Success Secrets of a Digital Entrepreneur

Direct from Brazil: Success Secrets of a Digital Entrepreneur

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  1. Thanks for sharing your story Daniel. Inspiring words from a success story in Brazil (I may check out some of the tools you use as well).

  2. Daniel,

    Great story and congrats on “sticking to it” and never giving up. You have the drive and passion to make this work for you and I have no doubt we will hear more about you. I am about to go forward with my own website design as well so your story gives me pause to think about Rainmaker Platform.

    Thanks again, keep going strong. Well done.

    • Hi Marc, thanks for your kind comment. I truly believe in doing what you love, and I’m lucky to love internet marketing and digital commerce. The Rainmaker Platform is the best way to go. Get in touch when your site is on! Keep going!

  3. A debt of gratitude is in order for sharing your story, Daniel. Moving words from an example of overcoming adversity in Brazil (I may look at a portion of the apparatuses you use too).

  4. Im glad i found this article and even better, its a good thing about us, brazilians.
    He is my kind of inspiration and i know i´ve got a lot to learn.
    Daniel, thank you for sharing this experiences with us, could you send me an email through I really want/need to have a chat with you.

    Obrigada 🙂

    • Thanks Thiara, I totally relate about being happy to find good things about Brazilian nowadays with all the scandals that Brazil is going through. I’ll send you an email.

      Obrigado 🙂

  5. Great story. Breakpoint: “I understood why regular marketing does not work anymore. I discovered content marketing.”

    Greetings from Barcelona!

    • Thank you Amadeu! And,, and all the CP projects are the best place to learn content marketing. I’m very thankful to all the team and what and how they do it. Greetings!

  6. Keep going Daniel. Getting the momentum to swing in a new market has its own challenges…and opportunities as well. Options in the Caribbean are limited, and logistics alone present huge challenges to anyone trying to pioneer anything digital into existence in developing economies. I take particular delight and instruction from any success south of Texas or Miami.

    • Hi Rodney, thank you for your comment and incentives. Indeed, a lot of challenges and great opportunities in developing economies, though the great thing about information products in digital commerce is that we can worry less about logistics because the product is delivered online. I use to sell clothes in MercadoLibre when I was a teen and my first job was inside an e-commerce to sell CD’s and DVD’s. Although both were great learning experiences, sell physical products is something that I don’t see as good as digital products. is a great resource. Good luck Rodney!

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