How to Consistently Create Remarkable Content

How to Consistently Create Remarkable Content

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  1. I sent out my guest post on the same topic “innovation” on a well known blog but I was declined…The only reason to that was I wasn’t innovative enough. Really, creativity can’t be bought…

  2. “using real language to find out what makes them tick.”

    It’s so important to not get caught up in the jargon. You have to talk to people they way they actually talk, not how you want them to. Keep it simple and conversational.

  3. The iterative process (always be testing) is like a Swiss Army Knife–it’s applications are endless. And now we have a new minimum viable: MVCMS….

    Minimum Viable Content Marketing Strategy.

    Doesn’t roll off the tongue like MVP or MVA. 😀

    Great post.

  4. Courage. Having courage is a necessary ingredient, first and foundational on any to-do list, especially these three points for content marketing. We just have to get out there and do it, no matter what happens. And we learn and we improve. That’s it.

  5. My best tip for finding new ideas is to take the real life conversations you have about your business and turn them into online content. The people you talk to in the actual world are some of the same ones who are in your target audience online.

  6. Re: “Create and release content knowing it’s likely to be a bit flawed.”

    This used to be a big hurdle for me. I’d wait until it was absolutely perfect. Only to realize, perfection doesn’t exist. And chasing it, is a waste of time.

    What I was really fighting, was the inner critic. Telling me it wasn’t good enough. I’ve learned to shut him up for the most part. Every now and then he peaks his head in, but I try to shut him out so I can focus on creating and adapting to fit my audiences’ needs.

    • I think we go through what most ‘creatives’ go through. It’s like looking at the very early works of famous artists.
      You can see the progression of genius in the iterations and subtle changes to the work over time.

      • I too have had that same problem Ricardo and agree with Kelton that it’s a creative mentality to want things to be perfect.

        It is difficult to overcome but you only have to look at major companies to see how they constantly put out flawed products into the market then refine them as they go along. Not advocating what major companies do entirely but if you trace things back to their beginnings then that can give you a bit more assurance.

  7. Geez, just…geez. I love this hardcore. As I get more and more into more traditional forms of marketing this is the type of stuff I need to be working on. Its awesome.

  8. The biggest issue that I have come across is “writer’s block”. When you just hit that blank spot of creativity, and nothing flows at all out of you. I guess we all need to find that method of constant inspiration over time to keep us going. But I’ve found constant reading of my favourite blogs in the morning very helpful in inspiring new relevant content.

    I really enjoyed this article and the comments. Great insight

  9. The best content idea here is ‘Observe real people’. Or, to restate it slightly, figure out who your ideal customers are, and observe them. If you do it with a purpose, identifying their gut feelings through personal interviews, then you’ll have an endless source of innovative content because they’ll never grow tired of learning how to alleviate their fears, and live their dreams.

  10. I think not being creative enough is why I’m not as success at my job as I can be, I am always relying on what other blogs are writing about to come up with ideas. 🙂

  11. Great post, exactly what I was looking, but I should have known this was the answer.

    The post follows the lean philosophy of finding out exactly what your market or audience is looking for, and then delivering content that they want, in the format they want.

    I believe a lot of us(ME) spend a lot of time implementing something without even talking to anyone to see if they are actually interested in it. I believe people have fear of someone “stealing” their idea, or trying to beat them to the finish line, it ends up being a self-fulfilling prophecy because the idea isn’t something people truly want.

    The Content Marketing Strategy is like the product development process of a business, but typically the content is free, but you are still trying to “sell” it by getting people interested in it(ie. getting followers, subscribers, regular readers, fans, etc).

  12. Constantly creating interesting, engaging content is a challenge many businesses face, and these steps are a must read for anyone looking to improve their content marketing. However, while creativity is an obvious (and sometimes enviable) benefit, we’ve found that planning for great content is equally as important as writing it. One example of that is optimizing your ‘push out’ plan – if brilliant content isn’t getting read, it goes to waste. We’ve found that sending out test runs (let’s say three posts across Facebook at noon, another three in the early evening) provides a great opportunity to analyze visibility and capitalize on when you audience is absorbing content. Truly brilliant content is created and acted upon!

  13. Important point – you have to talk to people using their own language and phrases. You gain empathy and better undersand of them if you do this

  14. Often one enjoyed success after hearing what the market wants. Few months back I launched a new workshop, Procrastination Buster Workshop because of market feedback. Then launched a Public Presentation Mastery because if market feedback as well. I’m launching a manual about planning ad execution because of market feedback again.

    Those programs that I launched without researching from the market flop. It’s really important to listen to the market.

  15. Producing content consistently can be challenging, especially in the same market. The best part though, is that there is a wealth of vantage points from which to create. Understanding that has really helped me.

  16. Kelton
    I agree with Nick above that “you have to talk to people they way they actually talk, not how you want them to.” And like you said, to do so, we need to research and understand our audience.

    Although every content writer has his or her favorite tools and apps, however, when I am researching for my target audience, I find “Quora” and “Buzzsumo” very helpful.

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