2017 Content Excellence Challenge: The February Prompts

2017 Content Excellence Challenge: The February Prompts

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  1. My One Ideal Client is a happily married, bi-lingual family-valuing Coach, Consultant, and Expert whose average value per client is $3,000 or more, who has a list of 5,000+ prospects and/or is currently getting at least 5,000+ unique visitors to their website per month, who is willing and able to execute and who is enthusiastic and coachable.

    My Chief Aim is generating $1,000 a day in recurring revenue by helping ONLY my ideal client get what they really want quickly, so I can get what I really want.

    My Next Step is testing the digital marketing and sales vortex that attracts ONLY my ideal client into my business and evolving the process, until I reach my goal.

  2. Did you catch the webinar?

    Terrific, wasn’t it?

    An hour and a half of great advice that you would just love to put into practice…like yesterday.

    But if your house is anything like mine, the phone rang around minute 13:47, the dog needed let out about 42:34, and that cute UPS guy–with his brown shorts even in the dead of winter–buzzed the front door at 1:12:46.

    There’s always the replay and transcript, but you never seem to get all of the way through them without real life interrupting all over again.

    —In 5 lines, I could get out the Problem and even Agitate it a bit, but not present the Solution. P-A-S technique.

    Thanks, Sonia. That was fun!

  3. Sonia, you are a rockstar. The moment I read your musings I fell in love with them. That being said, I write for blog for the person who needs a reality check, motivational round up or a reassurance.

    I write for the person who is struggling to get from point A to B. The starting points could differ. The courage, vision and work required for the journey is similar.

    On a side note, I read about writing to one person on Seth’s blog a while back here : http://sethgodin.typepad.com/seths_blog/2013/05/how-to-write-copy-that-goes-viral.html

    Stay Awesome.

  4. Are you getting that “3 o’clock” feeling too?

    I used to feel totally drained at this time of day. It would worsen into the evening so I would watch TV until bedtime. Mornings were also hard, even after a good night’s sleep. I found that I wasn’t excited about anything. I felt like I was really dragging through life.

    But I don’t feel bad lately, even at night. A month ago, I even started taking exercise classes.

    I attribute my elevated energy levels to a change in my diet. Only after cutting out carbohydrates, then weaning off of sugar and dairy products, was I able to achieve a new appreciation for my time. I am now cooking more meals, saving money and getting more done each day.

    When I first heard of The Diet, I was not only skeptical, but too exhausted to imagine myself changing my entire life to make room for it. It requires daily cooking, which I had only done on special occasions, along with giving up some of my favorite foods. The good news is that after the initial 30 days, not only could I have my favorite foods again, but I had a new understanding of what the foods were actually doing to me on a physical level.

    Thanks for the prompt, Sonia!

  5. I’ll play. This is for the would-be traveler.

    In the 1995 romantic comedy, “While You Were Sleeping,” Lucy always carries her passport. But it’s blank — a sad reminder that her dreams of traveling is on perpetual standby.

    While it is an enjoyable movie, it left unanswered questions. Why didn’t Lucy just book a flight and take off to Europe? What held her back?

    Maybe she was worried. About paying for the trip. About traveling alone. About being safe. Sound familiar?

    What if you can’t afford the perfect getaway? What do you do in an emergency? Are you an easy target for criminals? These are legitimate questions. But don’t let these concerns prevent you from getting your passport stamped.

  6. “We provide you with the same service we provide our own business. We’re not interested in being labeled “creative” or “wowing other people with our talents”, we’re interested in you. We won’t stop until we know everything there is to know about you, so we can tell the world what makes you amazing. We’re interested in people becoming obsessed with your brand. We are interested in you.”

    Copy for new marketing services page on the website for our company.

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