The BlogWorld Expo Virtual Ticket (or, How to Get To a Conference You Can’t Get To)

The BlogWorld Expo Virtual Ticket (or, How to Get To a Conference You Can’t Get To)

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  1. Well, I didn’t want to drop a grand for the full live event, but I wanted more than a virtual experience. So I settled for a 2-day ticket. That means you guys’ll have peace and quiet … Thursday.

  2. I wish I could go in person, but can’t, so this virtual ticket might be the thing for me. I am hoping though that we can watch it anytime we want, and not just during the live event. Do we have forever access to the taped sessions?

    • The recordings will actually be available for a year, so you’re totally covered!

      We’re actually not broadcasting the sessions live… just the extras. So we’ll have recordings of the sessions AND the live extras available for you for a full year.

  3. I’m unable to attend in person, but I’ve signed up for the virtual ticket. Looking forward to it.

  4. This is fantastic. I’m mentally scrapping together pennies as I write this. If I can manage to stumble upon some nickles and dimes before Saturday, I’m in!

  5. Hey– when is the actual event in November? Am I just missing the date somewhere on this virtual invitation? I reread it twice but maybe I just need more coffee. So, we have access to the recordings for a year after the event? Sounds like a win win to me!

    • It’s November 3-5! But the dates are a bit less relevant with the VT because you CAN watch things non-live, and the presentations themselves won’t be live either way.

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