Join Sonia and Brian at BlogWorld 2010 (And Save 20% With This Discount Code)

Join Sonia and Brian at BlogWorld 2010 (And Save 20% With This Discount Code)

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  1. Do you remember when you were scheduled to speak at the first show in 2007 Brian? (wasn’t that supposed to be your first speaking appearance as Copy Blogger?)

    You and your whole family got sick and you weren’t able to make it. We made an announcement that you couldn’t come and tons of people were understandably disappointed. But the funny part is some of them were emailing another blogger by the name of Brian Clark (who I have never met or had heard of until then) asking him why he wasn’t going to show up to speak. I then received an angry phone call from the other Brian Clark asking me why we were promoting him as a speaker when he had never agreed to speak at our event.

    At first I was confused, then realized “this isn’t the same Brian Clark”. Hilarity ensued =p.

    We are very excited to have you, Sonia and Darren give a keynote talk this year Brian. Thank you for the post, the plug and the kind words. Just be sure to quarantine yourself for 2 weeks prior to the show 8).

    • Yep. He refers to me as “the other Brian Clark,” and I refer to him the same way. An even better story was the time he was presenting at SXSW, and a young lady gushingly told him how much she loved Copyblogger when he came off stage. 😉

  2. It’s funny, I guess you know who you are by the conferences you attend.

    In my transformation from parent to teacher to writer I’ve attended some great conferences. Now, after reading this, I’m thinking if I’m serious about blogging it’s time for a new type of conference.

    Maybe next year I’ll be able to say with confidence, “I’m a blogger, I need to be at BlogWorld.”

  3. Wish I could go, but still working on learning the ropes and getting a business started. Hope everything goes well for both of you and everyone there. I’ll let others know about the promo code.

  4. Cool, I hope to make it there!

    And I don’t mean to be a dork but typos are so rare on copyblogger that I thought I’d point this out:

    “we’ll you in Vegas!”

    • Wow, that was a nice one on my part. It’s amazing how your mind fills in the words and you don’t see mistakes like that. Fixed now, thanks!

  5. I am looking forward to your keynote and BlogWorld in general. 🙂 I’ll be talking about How to Create Mouthwatering Content… well, because yummy stuff is right up my alley. Ahem.

    I’m so glad I read the comments, that story about “the other Brian Clark” is awesome. One of those “only on the Internet” moments that’s priceless.

    Here’s to a great BlogWorld in Las Vegas, baby!

  6. I saw you at BWE 09 and am really looking forward to your keynote this year. Hope to say hi too this time, you were surrounded last year (in a good way) and I didn’t get a chance.

  7. I am extremely excited to go to this conference especially if you are able to give me 20% off! Unfortunately, I tried to type the code and it says that “The Discount/Promo code you have entered is invalid or no longer eligible for discounts or promotions.” Was there a max amount of people who could take advantage? Let me know if you can help! This discount would help tremendously! Thanks!

  8. Awwwwww no fair!

    I am gutted I can’t go to this.

    But sadly it’s too far away from Scotland and lack of funds are stopping me from attending.

    Look forward to a future post on how it went, and hopefully you can share some juicy tips with us.

    Hope you all have a fab time!

    Sally 🙂

  9. Amy, Brian, All,

    I just saw this right before I boarded a plane. I have asked our tech folks what the problem was with the code. No one else has reported a problem with is but we are looking into what happened in your case Amy and will have an answer for you shortly.

    You can email me directly if you like 8).

    • There is most definitely only one Sonia. 🙂

      As for the name, though, there is a Sonia Simone who used to have a shop, I think in Chicago, but doesn’t seem to have anything going online at the moment. And there are a couple on facebook.

  10. Great coupon. I wish I could join but I could not. Thanks Brian! Hope to see more updates from this conference soon

  11. So glad I’ve signed up for Blogworld. I’m coming from Europe (currently Hungary) especially for it 🙂
    Hopefully I’ll get the chance to talk to several Copyblogger readers and writers! Look out for the multilingual Irish guy!

  12. I am honored to be speaking at BlogWorld as well! Can’t wait to meet Brian, Sonia, Darren…and all my fellow thirdtribers…as well as the many others with whom I have had pleasure of knowing in the blogosphere…but not face to face!

    I am a reporter AND a blogger so …

    I will be speaking Friday afternoon on ‘how to get your business or you blog covered by the media’.

    If any one has any specific questions they’d like me to address…please do not hesitate to contact me in advance! See you at BWE 10!! Can’t wait!

    Amy Parmenter

  13. I wish I could come to this, living in the UK we have no events like this. Maybe one day I’ll win the lottery and will be able to attend loads of these conferences 😛

  14. wow this would be a great blogging event. By the way i’m from Philippines and i’m blogging about games – anything all about games.

    How i also wish i could come in a gathering like this but sad to note we are very far from the venue.

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