This WordPress Theme is a Perfect Fit for My Personal Site … Here’s Why it May Work for Yours Too

This WordPress Theme is a Perfect Fit for My Personal Site … Here’s Why it May Work for Yours Too

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  1. Wow, I got week in the knees when I saw this template. However, aren’t you wasting an awesome resource over at by using a low-res image as the background?

    Either way, I’d love to have that template…it’s beautiful.

    • Daniel, it’s funny you mention that. I finally looked at the site on a large desktop monitor yesterday, and the image didn’t look quite as good as on my laptop. So … yes. Getting a higher-res image would only help.

  2. It’s a glorious theme, it truly is. Looking at your site and the demo has me thinking which is often problematic.

    The serious deal is congratulations on taking control of your own name!! It is a thing that not every one gets to experience.

    Thanks for the thoughts and the ideas.

  3. Hey Jerod,

    We have 2 things in common;

    1. I also waited years for my own domain to become available – I spent way too long trying to rank on a site with my middle initial squeezed into the middle of my domain NOT to know your contempt for sub-standard personal domains 🙂
    2. I LOVE the 411 theme and agree – for a personal website it looks superb!

    Now, I’m working on the third thing we need to have in common;

    3. I need to write as well as you do too!


    • Thank you for the kind words Neil. It sure is exciting to finally get your name domain after years of waiting! And, fortunately, there is a simply, tried-and-true method for improving writing skills: write … a lot. Like Sonia said. 🙂

    • Thanks David. I agree. I have done a complete 180 over the past several years. I used to cram as much stuff onto a site as a I could … now I want simple: only what is necessary, and nothing more. It’s better for the audience.

  4. I love everything about this theme except that the reverse type in the navigation menu isn’t strong enough. On my screen at least the white letters are not crisp.

  5. Hey Jerod,

    How did you go about finding out when your domain name would be available? I’ve got my eye on one for my new business that’s currently taken but not being used.


    • Carole,

      Great question! I found out where it was registered by doing a WHOIS lookup. That told me where the domain was currently registered. Like yours, the domain was purchased but not in use. I was able to get on a backorder list, but the prices were too high … so I just kept waiting. Eventually, something very strange happened, and I was actually able to gain control the domain for a month or two via without paying anything (as in, I could edit the DNS records and actually use the site), but then it’s almost like they realized some mistake and my access was withdrawn. I inquired about what had happened, and they informed of the date when it would be officially open for purchase. It was really quite weird series of events at the end … but I’m glad I stayed after it. I got it, so now I can rest easy. 🙂

  6. Awesome and perfect theme. Jerod you and your team did a great job. Its good for my personal website which i am planning to start in couple of weeks.

  7. That’s an awesome looking website you got there Jerod and congrats on getting that domain I have had my own for a few years now and well it’s changed a lot over the years! First it was my main blog then it was my portfolio site and now I added genesis to it and turned it to my revamped portfolio site as I got a separate blog.

    I am a great believer in having your own name domain as a blog as it gives you credibility and people will feel they know you better as after all people will follow people they know like and trust and especially if you have something of value to offer!

    I myself am still not 100 percent happy with my personal site and toying with removing WordPress and handcoding it again as I have done before but to be honest WordPress really is quick and easy!

    Here is another thought, I wonder if the .od tld is available as you could always go for jer.od much like what Matt Mullenweg has with his personal site! Some food for thought there hey! If it is though I would just add it as a domain forwarder.

    I suppose I better go and check on your site now and see what you got to offer for me! Good luck with it anyway Jerod!
    – Phillip Dews

    • Thanks for the comments Phillip … both here and at the new site! Very much appreciated. And I agree regarding the benefits that having a site can bring (or at least just some type of personal site or side project).

      As for the .od, I don’t think that’s a valid TLD. I did, however, secure to use as a link shortener for Twitter. So far so good. 🙂

      • Ohh a link shortner! I had one of those before. I used to have for Google Plus but let that expire a few months ago! wish I kept it now but in the end it’s not worth it anymore!

        I wonder if is available for my site? What you using as a script for the shortner as can be used for that!

  8. I Particularly like the fact then when posted to Facebook, Facebook pulls in the picture of a blog and several sentences from the blog as well.

    This doesn’t happen with a Blogger blog posted to Facebook.

  9. The 411 theme looks great! I will have to keep it in mind, I have been wanting to update my personal website theme which is already on the Genesis Framework. Perfect! Thanks for sharing.

  10. I’ve been receiving stuff from Copyblogger about StudioThemes for a while. It sounds great.

    But the world has changed. Tablet views now exceed desktop ones. And once you learn to swipe, it changes how you use a website.

    It is so much easier just to swipe to what you want, rather than click and wait for pages to load. And you can swipe sideways, not just up and down.

    Hover also works differently. Used badly it means that as you swipe you keep getting all sorts of horrid popups. But used well it allows you to go near something and find out more.

    Zoom is a third feature of great importance. Find what you want then zoom in to greater detail. Zoom out to see how it fits in the larger scheme of things.

    There is just so much more that you can do with a swipe optimised site.

    But the guys at Studiopress are stuck in the past. You know – logo at the top, full width scrolling banner, three nice little logos with a short paragraph below. Those are “noughties” websites. Stuck in print thinking. Useless for the way people use the web today.

    Please pass this on to the Studiopress designers as a kick up the ass. There’s a whole new world of possibilities out there. Create for those and you’ll create a powerful competitive advantage for Studiopress.

  11. This is a great theme – thanks for bringing it to our attention. I’m a WooThemes guy, so it’s interesting to see what’s out there.

    One thing I have to say, I think you’ve made a smart choice in your background image.

    The theme demo has a tightly cropped head shot staring out of the page. Personally I think it would have been weird to scroll down the page and have a static mug grinning at you. “Hi, welcome to my website. Look at my face! It doesn’t move!”

    I also like the way the social buttons look kind of crisp and flat. Reminds me of Windows 8. Wonder if there’s a name for that kind of design, because I like it.

  12. Jerod,

    411 is a great choice for a personal blog. I’ve been developing websites for years but have just started to pay attention to Genesis and the associated themes … they really look great. The clean designs and simple but elegant typography are really well conceived. I’m getting that “think I’ll dive in” feeling.

    On the domain front: 1,400 new much-more-descriptive domains are being opened up, and many are already available for pre-registration. .guru, .marketing, .services and .repair are among those coming online. I pre-registered a couple at (I put up a blog post about the new domains at if anyone is interested.)

    Thanks for the post and I’m sure I’ll see you inside the Genesis framework before long!


  13. What makes this theme successful for me is the simple organization of a striking photo and social media links without expecting the site owner to have business assets such as a logo. It seams like it would be easy to maintain. I think this would be great for an author or student resume. We’ll probably start seeing this theme used in a lot of personal sites.

  14. Jarod – Taking a similar approach as you to a personal site, I went ahead and bought the 411 Pro Theme. Question – How did you get your pic into the Welcome Message.

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