21 Traffic Triggers for Social Media Marketing

21 Traffic Triggers for Social Media Marketing

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  1. Nice list as always Brian. There is something about psychological triggers that just makes me want to do something 😉

  2. Make a video that takes advantage of any of those triggers and you have a sure winner! People love videos these days. My very first screencast got over 500 views already, and I haven’t even tried to promote it yet! There’s a definite need for screencasts.

  3. Great list, Brian. Perfect blend of philosophy and pragmatics.

    As for videos passing up text in popularity… I suppose it has to happen. But darn it, some of us will always love words more.

  4. Great list post and title as always.

    I’m a total sucker for Conspiracy, Celebrity, Stupidity, Crime, Danger/Disaster, Humor, Taboo & Anomaly.

  5. Love the list.
    How about “Drama” like a good designer gone bad story [sorry couldn’t resist], or “Gossip” – just mention what Paris Hilton ate for lunch and you’ve got big traffic…both of those fulfill some kind of need, although I’m not sure what it is 🙂

  6. Great list. You’ve accomplished one of the goals listed as I’m very curious right now. These are some really great tips and most can be applied to any niche.

  7. The reason it was dugg down is because it came off as a pure marketing piece with a misleading title.

    It really should have been renamed. Think about that before claiming that we share the opinion that “discussing psychology is akin to spam”. Properly name your articles.

    By the way – those aren’t necessarily traffic triggers, they’re interest triggers.

    Excellent points, but, again – you need to know your audience. :/

  8. You’re not my audience Ronin, my subscribers are. I don’t stop people from submitting my posts to Digg, but it’s not a top priority.

    There’s nothing misleading about the title. Interest=traffic if properly executed. And I generally do just fine with titles.

  9. Brian,

    I saw the post about iTunes sales dropping and thought the exact same thing. Digg is proving to be just the microcosm of society it claims to be.

  10. I don’t get it. Why would a “pure marketing piece” get knocked off digg if people mark it as valuable?

    When people say “pure marketing piece” they usually mean worthless self-promotional fluff, not an essay on marketing psychology.


    And frankly yeah, it’s a little presumptuous to imagine most people write headlines in view of digg’s editorial standards (whatever they are).

    I love digg but this is just odd.

  11. Well, the one thing we can conclude from this article hitting Digg and then being banned from the front page is that the human editors of Digg are complete (how can I say this nicely) morons.

    I mean, come on. If they can’t differentiate between spam or obviously fallacious titles/content and interesting good articles, there’s a problem here.

    Sure, this is linkbait. But what on Digg isn’t? And linkbait is not necessarily bad – it can be, but it can also just be linkbait because it’s so freakishly good/interesting/wonderful.

    Dumb, dumb, dumb move on Digg’s part.

  12. You say “Beautiful design, photography, illustration, music… all have a tendency to attract attention” but I ask: how?

    They don’t promote traffic themselves or get things started but do keep viewers coming back. So, if I have a site with great design, photography, music, etc.; how do I get the ball rolling if know one knows about it?

  13. To clarify, Emerson did not say “consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds,” but rather, that a “FOOLISH consistency” is. In other words, don’t be consistent for consistency’s sake, but be consistent when it makes sense to do so, such as when running for office or branding a product. DON’T be consistent when you have to be dishonest to do so. Therefore, don’t patronize (underestimate) an audience that values consistency in your writing/branding.

  14. Everything in bold words is true. Curiosity tends to make people pause and invest time and effort to know a thing. For me, one great important traffic trigger for social media marketing is the ability of one person, product, company to help solve people’s problems.

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