The Four Horsemen of the Internet Apocalypse

The Four Horsemen of the Internet Apocalypse

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  1. Brian,
    This is excellent–factually, editorially, visually, persuasively, and all of the -ly words I can think of. Jeff Pulver’s viral marketing campaign should get a push from this surely. I’m going to quote myself.


  2. Brian,

    I’ve been reading about the Net Neutrality problem for some weeks now. This is easily the clearest overall portrayal of the threat that I’ve come across.

    Hope you don’t mind; this is getting linked to in this week’s blog-ness!

  3. Brian,

    Okay, I’ve been reading every post here with my full attention because it’s obvious that your advice on copywriting rocks… But you’ve passed the real high water mark with this one. I can’t *count* the times I’ve skipped yet another article on net neutrality and blown off taking any action. Yours was the one that got me to post to all my blogs, email people, and sign the petition. Considering who-all is in my RSS feed, you’ve done the nearly impossible.

    What’s more, I’m even glad you did. Thanks.

    I hope like hell this bill gets defeated.

  4. Bandwidth is the lifeblood of the Net. No matter how free we want the Net to be, someone somewhere must pay for the bandwidth. I live in Virginia. My site is hosted in Utah. A traceroute signal passes through Comcast computers to AT&T computers to Qwest (a Baby Bell) computers. If my site exceeds bandwidth limitations set by my hosting company, then they bill me extra. But AT&T, Comcast, Verizon, and Time Warner Cable will not bill me.

    So I suspect the Big Four want money to cover bandwidth expenditures. Yes, they could use the law as a hammer to smash free speech as well, but I suspect money is the first priority.

  5. shabda said
    This is really incredible. What next AT&T deciding the color of my underwears?

    I’m sorry, shabda. They don’t care about the color, but they do have your underwear wired. 🙂

  6. It’s interesting really this Net Neutrality issue. These companies probably would say we aren’t going to be evil. However you don’t see any of them fighting for a net neutrality bill do you?

    Cuz if you did I would switch to their service. Nope all evil companies plotting what they can get away with in the future.

  7. It’s a new world order

    Excellent writing Brian. I’ve read Doc’s piece, and yours, but there can’t be too many people writing about this problem.

    I’ve been doing a great deal of research into RFID and digital money and surveillance of the populace in general. I’ve been writing against the replacement of hard currency with digital, traceable smartcards for 15 years. I also happen to know something about Internet surveillance, from prior employment, that I cannot reveal. But trust me (and Brian) that you want to defeat this bill, for more reasons than just the cost and loss of freedom. There is a 120 px w x 240 px h banner available at

    Link the image to

    Display it on your site, with the above URL as the link.

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