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  1. “When we end up having a great experience with a professional…we’re ecstatic, and happily tell our friends all about it.”

    …and we tell that professional about it in the comments section.

    When it comes to successful blogging, “copywriting” is the keyword. Thank you for reminding us of that important fact.

  2. Ohmigosh, I completely misunderstood your tweet and thought you were celebrating 5 years by selling your blog to someone else. ::giggle:: Brian, I’ve been a fan since the beginning and I still remember listening to your 1st Teaching Sells mp3 during my bus commute. Congrats on so many years of helping others and may you keep going only as long as you want to. -Sally J.

    • When people need something, they don’t feel sold because they’re desperate for a solution. Some say these are the only buyers you should aim for, but the smart approach is to have a strategy that allows anyone at any stage of the buying cycle to feel comfortable.

  3. When you say “sold” this is social proof, that what you’re offering has been or is being accepted by others. We have recommended to our clients to put a sold sign in below and hit “connect to manager for more information”

  4. “People only feel “sold” when the sales tactics seem dishonest”

    this is so true,

    I can think of many times where I felt sold because
    all the sales person wanted to do was take my money.

    But at the same time I can think of times were people did “sell” me on something
    but the experience was much less dishonest, and somehow pleasurable.

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