How to Build WordPress Landing Pages That Work

How to Build WordPress Landing Pages That Work

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  1. These are some great tips for creating an effective landing page. A landing page is only effective when it delivers what it promises. Too many people send consumers to their landing pages then fail to provide information that corresponds with the reason for sending them. Also, it’s very important to follow up with people in a timely manner once they contact you via e-mail. Making time to respond to e-mails should be a priority for everyone.

  2. What about home page as video landing page? I have this idea that I don’t want a traditional home page, I just want to drop 3 videos – 1 for each “product” – and make the 1st page sell. As a 2nd goal – if I can get the email address – that will also be a “success”.

    Anyone doing that? Any advice on that?

  3. This product seems really great!

    Question. I have several blogs. Do I need to buy the software for each blog individually?

  4. Hi Brian

    Nice email! If I had wordpress, I would DEFINITELY get premise. However, only last year we migrated all our 6 websites (accessible from to Joomla, which personally I don’t like. I use wordpress for my blog though and find it a joy to use even without any plug ins.

    How easy would you say it is to migrate a corporate website over to wordpress from another CMS and do you think wordpress is the answer? I’m currently looking at other integrated CMS services like Alterian and HubSpot too – any opinion on these?

    Love the content and podcasts, keep them coming.


  5. What date will the affiliate program be offered and open?

    What is the date when the price of $85 and $165 will be increase and what will be the new prices?

    Will we receive a notice before you increase the price?

    How many graphics will be added in the next 6 months?

    Does this plugin compliment and work will with Scribe and Gravity Forms?

    • Affiliate program should be ready next week.

      Not sure what the next price points will be, or when. We’ll likely announce the price changes before we do it.

      We have no fixed amount for new graphics. It’s usually based on requests and new ideas by our designer.

      Premise works exceptionally well with Scribe. It’s also compatible with Gravity Forms, and we’re actually collaborating with Rocket Genius to make the integration between the two tighter.

  6. Great information, but I have my editor hat on. Please check item 5 and the second paragraph of 1. Point-and-Click Page Design.

    Thank you.

  7. I’m a proud consumer of Brian Clark products.

    From free blog posts to paid software like Scribe SEO and Premise, you will find a first class service unmatched by anyone in this business.

    I use both Scribe SEO and Premise. You couldn’t ask for a great combination.

  8. Looks like I’ll give premise a shot. From the write-up it looks like it’ll save me a ton of work. I’ll let you guys know how it works out for me.

  9. At first, i was intimidated by all I had to learn. But after a few weeks, I’ve found that WordPress is almost limitless, and not just concerning landing pages. Great platform.

  10. I’m currently in the process of updating and giving one of my sites a complete overhaul. I’m also wanting to change the page titles to target or match each page so I just hope google doesn’t slap the site off the current first page ranking for a highly competitive keyword.

    • I’m planning to update my existing website using Premise and have similar concerns. Any advice on the best way to make changes to avoid an initial negative impact on traffic would be appreciated.

  11. Hi, is it easy to extend this plugin ?, For example if I want to have tabbed layout on the left and a fixed sign up form on the left ?

    Any images that illustrate the example landing pages made by premise.

    thank you,

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