Landing Page Makeover Clinic #17:

Landing Page Makeover Clinic #17:

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  1. good article, very through. But I must add that careful proof reading is critical. Nothing says “unprofessional” (read “untrustworthy”) like misspelling “charity” on the second page in the “donate a car to chairty” link.

  2. I seriously like your blow-by-blow rundown.

    The beauty is you know what you’re looking for so your inspection is fast and effective. It’s easy to see how they can change their site and get results.

  3. There’s isn’t one best color per se tho the traditional blue link is an obvious choice. What you want is for your links to stand out from the rest of your text and still be readable without ‘tiring’ the eye.

  4. I always thought the top banner area, particularly the right side was a bit of a blind spot. maybe I read too much and test too little.

  5. Over time you’ll want to look for those items that have become usage conventions. Search boxes – one of the biggest visitor interactive points – are one of those items. The upper right corner is a favored spot for the Search Box. That’s why I also like to place the toll-free # or other ‘let’s connect’ message where it’s more likely to be seen.

  6. Roberta,
    Nice analysis. One of the biggest tasks I find is presenting changes in a way that clients are willing to kill their own little additions to the mayhem. It’s a consultative process that requires the client’s goodwill. If done right it brings me more work and referrals. If done without client buy-in, even a site that doubles conversion won’t help my referral business.

  7. I agree with the praise, though you’ve given me a lot of work. A question: How do you get an ‘https:’ for secure? I’ve seen that, but don’t know how to make mine that.

    Am I making any sense? Thanks.

  8. @Kali – you’ll want to ask your webhost about how to add ‘https” functionality to your site. You can share the host’s SSL certificate or buy your own and have your host install.

  9. Thanks for laying this out succinctly. I’ll pass along to clients (we specialize in new business development for advertising agencies). Category/sector-centric landing pages have become a big part of our outreach.

  10. Excellent article Roberta.

    I really love these make overs as they show simple solutions to real world websites. This gives me several ideas that I need to implement on my site – such as adding address to my my footer.

  11. With thanks to the folks who go ‘public’ with their landing page challenges, I’m happy to help show the way toward more effective, response-generating pages. All in a day’s work. 🙂

  12. nice review. what would it take for you to critique i’m sure you would lambaste the site, but better now than never.

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