Answered: Your Most Burning Content Marketing Questions

Answered: Your Most Burning Content Marketing Questions

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  1. Placing oneself as a marketing consultant is something that I have also read or heard about concerning offline marketing. It seems to me that coming as a problem solver has advantages. In a way, it is logical because there is no reason to try help someone that does not need your help. Thus coming with an attitude to help a client sort things out appears to add value for both parties.

  2. These radio episodes have been great and a big help getting my head around some of these marketing techniques. Can’t wait until September now that you’ve mentioned that you have to ask your lawyer if what you’re doing next is legal.

  3. These shows have been a great supplement to the 20-part email course, you guys have been doing an amazing job!

    Is there any chance you could talk about developing an outline for an autoresponder in the next series? I’m setting up a small business teaching Pilates, and one of the big barriers to people starting Pilates is that they just don’t know what it is. I think an autoresponder course might be a good way ease people in, but I’m not sure if I should be aiming to just educate with it, or try to convert people to book classes.

    Enjoy your summer, I’m looking forward to the next season πŸ™‚

  4. Great request Lorna. The autoresponder is the domain of Ms. Simone, and we’ll definitely exploit her expertise on that in season two.

  5. Internet marketing and marketing for small business can be a confusing space. Survival in business depends on growth and smart business owners know that internet marketing is a key part of ensuring that growth.

    • But still we should not put aside the offline marketing which is still very important to promote business. Online and offline marketing should still work together for the success of the business.

  6. What you said about advertising content made a light go on in my head.

    In my niche, there are some very prominent forums that get tons of traffic. Many ecommerce stores advertise on those forums. However, all of the ads are the same; cheapest widgets, buy widgets, free shipping on all widgets.

    I’m going to create a white paper/ebook on how to customize widgets and then put up an ad on those forums. The ebook page will ask the visitors to sign up for my newsletter to get the ebook. Hopefully, this will grow my list and also result in widget sells initially.

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