Four Simple Steps to More Blog Subscribers

Four Simple Steps to More Blog Subscribers

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  1. Great points Brian. I started reading this blog a couple weeks back and continue to enjoy it.

    By the way, I used Feedburner up until a couple days ago, I als tried Squeet. I then switched over to Zookoda after testing them out. Soooo much more you can do, and you can monitor your lists. (I actually just wrote a post on them)

  2. Hey Brian,

    Do you feel Feedblitz is superior to using a service like Aweber ?

    What do you think of their RSS to email service ?

    PS – we use Aweber.

  3. Mike, I love Aweber, but currently use GetResponse for most of my “money” projects.

    I like that Feedblitz integrates with FeedBurner, and let’s me track my stats in one place. But otherwise Aweber, OneShoppingCart and Get Response are the tools of choice for serious Internet marketers in the email autoresponder market.

  4. The way I see your feedburner subscription count increasing every day, this post is worth is weight in e-gold.
    Thatks for pointying to feedblitz. Its cool and for cheapstakes like me, the free part is just too good to resist.

  5. Hi Brian:

    Thanks for the mention – the extra step is essential to prevent spambots from filling your lists with junk. An email service that doesn’t do this isn’t doing you, the list owner, any favors. We also have an email subscriber count widget (that doubles as a signup link) for those wanting to publicize their email circulation separately.

    FYI, FeedBlitz just introduced blog-powered autoresponders, using the same “freemium” model as the core RSS to mail service. Check it out at

  6. Hey Phil… yeah I said only “slightly” annoyed… 🙂 I know it’s a necessary evil.

    Plus, like I said, it’s had no adverse impact on email subscriptions as far as I can tell.

  7. Brian, thanks for the insight, I am making a subscribe page and I am going to send out an email to some people I’ve been wanting to ask to join.

  8. hey, brian. a couple of things, when i started coming here. it was a trully educational experience. i noticed a couple of things recently. lost some subscribers all gets a bit monotonus sometimes, i mean yeah i know you blog what you know, and you’re voice and all that.. it just seems a bit mechanical.

    and i think in every lawyer there is a bit of an artist, more so in ex lawyers.

    So man, I say lighten up a bit, live a lil on this blog. I know apart from consitant great content. That will keep me coming back.

  9. Hey Ming, thanks for the feedback (I’ve heard that before, so I’ll work on it :)).

    As for subscriber leak, whenever you get a whole bunch of new subscribers at one time (like 500-600 in a week due to some high profile links), you’ll see some people fall out. Happens every time, so it doesn’t bother me.

  10. I don’t know if I agree with you, Ming. I find Brian’s voice very professional yet one-on-one. Yes, I detect the lawyer sometimes, but fortunately there’s no doublespeak here.

    Subscriber count volatility is a normal part of the process.

  11. I’m with you, Raj. Good point. There is a lot of substance here in this blog, but it’s not preachy and it’s surely not textbook. You can find plain old factual data in plenty of places, but it’s so much more digestible when it travels along a smooth path of personality.

    And as to the actual post…yar! Brian, you’re right on the money. As a person who’s spent a lot of time in sales, advertising and fundraising, I’ve learned the hard way that the best way to NOT get money is to never ask for it. Same goes for a subscription or probably any “call to action.”

    Keep it up, Brian! Great to have you.

  12. Great idea, make it easier to subscribe! unfortunately when i put in my email address feedburner says “my email address has previously been unsubscribed” so I needed to confirm something.. ( I dont really know where this came from )

    I tried my other email address, hit submit and got sent back to the same page, over and over asking me to type in the ‘security key’ and submit.. I did that about 3 times, for different keys then I gave up.

    Ironic how I did this after reading a post about making it easy to subscribe. thought you might be interested to hear the feedback! . Cheers

  13. That’s not good, and it’s a Feedblitz issue. I’ll look into it, and won’t hesitate to switch providers if it happens again.

  14. Hello! You’re simply awesome. I enjoyed reading your educational posts because they’ve helped me alot.You’ve opened my eyes to many mistakes I was making in my posting and simple positioning of feeds on my blog.

    A millions thanks!

    Sucess and victory!

  15. Thank you so much Brian. I have already implement your idea in my site. I hope you will give more great idea like this in your post.. Thanks again Brian..

  16. Hello Brian. Nice site. I’ve added you to my links (

    I’d like to share with you and your readers a cool little trick I used to get more people to join the mailing list of a fishing charter company whose web site I created.

    Go to and tell me what’s the first thing on the page you notice. If you don’t say the highlighted flashing newsletter signup field, I’d be highly surprised.

    Check the coding if you want to steal it for yourself. If you or your readers don’t know how to hack the code let me know and I’ll help you( I coded HTML for the last 8 years)


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