Are You Fascinating Enough to Be a Content Marketer?

Are You Fascinating Enough to Be a Content Marketer?

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  1. I’ve struggled with this for a long time. Should I build a personal brand, or an actual brand. I like your point about having to be relentlessly present when it has your name on it. I’ve decided to go for a hybrid for my Methodic Content project, mostly because I want it to be about the mission of encouraging online entrepreneurs and marketers to bring social change with their work-and not about me personally. Great article Pamela!

  2. I have been toying with a tagline. It’s been theDarlingPrincess: Helping Survivors Thrive. I think it’s too vague. Survivors of what? CSA, DST, Illness…
    What do you think of changing it to: Overcoming Childhood Trauma and Reigning Too
    Ya, I guess I’ll need more work on it. 🙂
    Thanks for the article. I appreciate you.

  3. Convert like a mofo…

    I am not even surprised it is on the list.

    Really? This is what a content marketing blog should look like?

    I am getting confused with Copyblogger over and over again…

    • Bob, I know you don’t like that word or that tagline. But it’s not targeting you or me … it’s targeting a specific type of person who finds it hilarious.

      When seen in that light, I think it works.

      And I realize you don’t agree! There’s room for all sorts of opinions here, and I value yours. 🙂

  4. Hi Pamela,

    Thanks for the article. On-point with your perspective as always.

    Acutely aware that I’m not the “life of the party” when I walk into any room, this has indeed crossed my mind! That my content might not turn heads. I mean, it might not get clicks. Clicked on. Or Clicked through.

    The key is to give your target audience what they want and need. Bottom line then: know your audience. Find out what they want and give it to them.

    Thanks again Pam. And congratulations on your book. It was fun reading chapters as they were being created!

  5. Great article. Its a lot of fun building your brand name around yourself. And you never forget your original mission cause all you have to do is simply be you. It makes business a lot easier. Once your brand name is established you are no longer needed all the time, eh Kelvin Klein, Levi Strauss, Helena Rubenstein. Now a brand built around your name with great copyediting too is the best of both worlds. The promise is in the name and all it stands for.

  6. Really great article Pamela, I look forward to reading your new book. Love the thoughts on creating a compelling brand, this is what I have been doing for years. I hope people take this to heart.

  7. Each line for me is like, “Oh, am I doing this? Is that how I am online?”
    Thank you, Pamela. It’s really an eye-opener for people like me who wants to improve on my craft. So helpful!

  8. “No Meat Athlete: Runs on plants” This is a great example and really opens my mind to possibilities that I did not consider before. Thank you Pamela!

  9. Hi Pamela,
    I agree 100% that you should not build your brand around your name. I have seen people do it a number of times and it really interferes with any potential exit plan.

    I like the idea of creating a brand around what you are actually delivering. It is simple and makes perfect sense. I also like the concept of delivering content that serves the people that it is written for, again makes great sense. Thanks for the article.

    • I actually think building a brand based on your name can work … I just want people to know that they’ll have to work a little harder to associate that proper name with a business offering.

  10. I totally agree with you Pamela, A brand build on name rather than idea is of no use. People will try to connect with you only if they find your idea innovative and meets their requirements not what you brand name is.

  11. Pamela this is such a smart summary of where so many of us get stuck. I’m hoping you have a chapter in your upcoming book on guru envy. The upside of the internet is we can access everything, the downside is we can access everything.

  12. Hi Pamela,
    I agree to you totally. A brand idea is more easy to develop a business than its name. All the business should follow the way described here. Thanks for sharing the valuable content from your book.

  13. Wow – this is an amazing article!! There is so much in this (at least for me) in terms of how to really think about what “building a brand” looks like today.

    It reminds me some of the freelancer vs. entrepreneur distinction that you hear Seth Godin talk about — not that it is a perfect overlay of ideas, but there is some connection, in my mind at least.

    Thank you Pamela for making a distinction here that I’ve been struggling with – it is really an important new set of language for me – THANK YOU !!

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