The Three Key Elements of Influential Digital Marketing

The Three Key Elements of Influential Digital Marketing

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  1. Great approach. Interesting that becoming an authority was all the rage a few years ago. Now its not enough. Need to stand out from all those authorities and stand for something!

    The Internet is becoming a crowded place. People are looking for those they can relate with not just learn from. Everyone would prefer to learn from someone that shares their values.

    Need to put a little more effort into my bold positioning.


  2. For small business clients, I think that this makes digital marketing far easier. A lot of mom and pop owners are great salespeople. They are very effective at converting people in person, but not so great at doing that same thing online. This post has my wheels turning about ways that we should be approaching small businesses with the concept of giving their customers the digital version of themselves. Thanks, Brian!

    • I completely agree with you Will. We have a lady with us as salesperson here and she is so good at explaining things and converting, but when it comes to technical things she’ll just go ahead and connect the client with the appropriate person.

  3. I like the idea of empowerment Brian.

    Too many marketers focus heavily on pressing pain points and forget to establish contrast. You can remind someone until they are blue in the face of how miserable their life is. Hitting on pain, and suffering, and why they need to buy your product to avoid the pain but people want to experience pleasure, too.

    Hit on pain points. Then, empower folks, to tap into their inherent need to be powerful, to feel like they are in control, to feel that they are in charge of their destiny. Influencers can’t empower your readers like you can. Remember that. Because you are connecting, you are helping compassionately and you are the one laying the framework. Influencers can add to social proof and can spread your word on some level but the chief empowerment building stuff falls on your shoulders.

    Unity is the one thing that brings us together 😉 Seriously, it is. More than that, if you build a large, loyal tribe by devoting your attention and energy to your followers and meeting their needs… become the influencer. You can reach out for help and also help other influential marketers because you become the big dawg in the eyes of your tribe.

    Tribes are powerful. Really powerful. If I publish a few in a few hours I will see a slew of retweets and social shares and opens on my lists and some eBooks sales and more traction online. With every post I publish. Although top marketers helped me grow my tribe, it was more about being paying close attention to my tribe and their needs, often on a 1 to 1 basis.

    Many forget – in their mad dash to following the influencer marketing herd, or to hop on the influencer marketing bandwagon – that all tribes develop on a 1 to 1 basis. An individual email asking someone if they need help. A retweet. Directing someone to the right eBook or product or service that will help them out.

    These intimate bonds grow over time and the tribe grows as you foster more of these strong friendships, 1 to 1. A top marketer cannot show up and take over that process. Again, this is up to you, to build your tribe and to help people, giving them personalized attention. This is how to make an impact. This is how to build unity. This is how to become a well know, inspired, highly-regarded influencer.

    I live in my email these days. Even though I guest post and blog comment quite a bit – as you can see 😉 – I am about those 1 to 1 emails, those questions, the answers and services and eBooks I provide, to solve the problems and building my tribe one human being at a time.

    If you do this right, YOU will be the influencer in these people’s lives. They will have already bought in. No need to sell them on anything, because they need not an influential marketer to tell them how wonderful you are. You already proved that with your glowing example, putting it into action.

    Thanks for sharing Brian.

    Signing off from Thailand.


  4. This is great advice and something that I’ve been trying to work on. I know I create good content, but I have to do more to make my visitors feel like they’re part of the family rather than observers. Thanks!

  5. An intriguing and insightful post yet again, Brian! I really enjoyed the read.

    I’m curious. While all three elements intertwine and cross-over at various stages of the digital marketing experience, in your opinion, which is the most crucial?

    Excuse my brain picking…

    • I see them as a progression — first you identify aspiration, then empower like-minded people, which results (hopefully) in a unified community. Unity is the most important ultimately, but it’s hard to get there without the first two stages. Hope this helps.

  6. This is a fantastic blueprint for how to build a community. Thanks for simplifying it. It still isn’t easy, but at least I know where to focus.

  7. Authenticity is something people talk a lot about, too – which is a foundational element of unity. You can’t unify if you’re fake. At least not for long. Really fantastic post. Thanks for this, Brian.

  8. Hey,

    Thanks for the amazing post.

    If you do this right, You will be the influencer in these people’s lives. They will have already bought in. No need to sell them on anything, because they need not an influential marketer to tell them how wonderful you are. You already proved that with your glowing example, putting it into action.

  9. First a huge thanks for the post. All the three points are absolutely vital though if I have to choose one from the list it have to be Unity.

  10. As I read “people now trust people like themselves”, you hit on an argument to add professionally produced video to a 2017 digital marketing campaign.

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