Whether You Call it Blogging or Not, Online Content Still Rules

Whether You Call it Blogging or Not, Online Content Still Rules

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  1. this is so on point! i like to think of blogging in the same way Warren Buffet thinks about investment. it’s a long but pleasurable endurance trek if you know what you’re doing and you just keep at it

  2. Awesome podcast.. I agree 100% that no matter what you call it, blogging or content marketing, the internet only works if information is created and shared. Case n point.

    By the way, I just saw the Eleven40 child theme and couldn’t help myself. It’s so clean and elegant; a site redesign is in the works 🙂

    Thanks for all you do..

  3. Content is obviously important. The question is, though, whether and when the search engines are going to acquire the ability to distinguish good content from bad. The process of learning how to do that is a long and arduous one, and the only thing bloggers can do is continue to produce the best content possible and wait. Thanks for the insights!

  4. Content is the king, but i feel that if you’re not getting the word out there. It’s pretty much useless, i have the tendency to believe blogging is like a deck of cars. Advertising = Ace, Content = King, and all the other card’s are things such as: SEO, Guest blogging, and etc. Anyways, it was really great listening to the audio. Thanks!

  5. Great podcast, guys, really enjoyed it (especially all the references to Ferris!)

    Regarding the topic of the podcast: Whenever I hear that “X Is Dead” in Internet Marketing, I now make it a point to totally tune out anything I hear. I think that most people who make these claims are just struggling for content so they wheel out the good old “The Sales Letter Is Dead” or the “Email Marketing Is Dead” chestnuts.

    Blogging isn’t dead, expect for companies and niches where it was never alive.

  6. What is important is to produce content. That content should add value. It should be directed to your relevant publics.
    The content should be relevant, appropriate: right timing is also crucial. The content should be newsworthy and it should include examples and even case studies. It is also important to remember that perception is reality, so make sure your content is perceived in a positive, constructive light. Readers only value what they perceive speaks to their needs and desires. Too many marketers produce content they think is the Incredible Hulk only to find out that it has fizzled out at the box office. And avoid technical terms and jargon. Instead, be reader-friendly; appeal to emotions.
    Thanks for your work. We appreciate your efforts here. Please keep up the good work. Cheers.

  7. Well said Robert. I hate to sound cliche and beat the content drum (especially as an SEO guy), but the need for great content (read: great bloggers) simply won’t go away. It’s too important to the web ecosystem as a whole. We’ve gotten to a point where the web will never be without great, consistent blogging, There’s always going to be demand.

  8. Sorry I’m just getting around to responding, I’m behind on my podcast listening 🙁

    We didn’t do much analysis on that because we merely wanted to share the data.  Personally I think there’s a decline there because blogging is difficult and many companies don’t have the resources and/or the inclination to put in the effort.  And, like you said, “most corporate blogs are horrible” so I’m not overly upset to see those blogs decline.  

    ReadWriteWeb doesn’t think blogging is dead, because if so we’re all in trouble. 🙂

    • Hi Robyn, thanks for the comment. You know, perhaps the study didn’t really merit much analysis. New week, new drama. By the way, I found the Ragan article I talked about in the show that deconstructed the study results. It’s now in the show notes if you’re interested.

  9. I’m kicking myself for not keeping up every week and only just now listening to this episode. This particular episode is so spot-on with my new business. Do you have a policy regarding embedding this on other sites? I’m happy to link here as well….but this is simply something that my audience needs to hear.

  10. Thanks, Brian and Robert, for this great info.
    I’m on the verge of starting my first blog, so this was very helpful.

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