Beyond Eyeballs: The Three Body Parts that Create Real Revenue

Beyond Eyeballs: The Three Body Parts that Create Real Revenue

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  1. Something I tend to do is second-guess what a person is going to write in a blog. Especially in lists. Then I scroll through and find something which is the essence of what I was thinking.
    Where i would have said that reading for fashion and entertainment is like getting a “sugar rush” where once you’ve dropped down to the lows you start looking for that next high – you use the word “ephemeral”.
    I don’t mind so much because I just drag the word to my dictionary on my Mac.
    I have lost interest in reading newspapers because of this. I don’t feel sorry for the modern traditional media because they are bringing their imminent demise on themselves. People are not writing for the common person any more, they are writing for themselves. They want to show people how clever they are.
    You can still write intelligently with simpler words. You’ll gain more readers.

  2. Finally! Sonia hit the nail on the head by going above and beyond just the need to “get eyeballs” all the time. How about the ears too? Seems like more and more people like to simply tune in to their favorite MP3s and podcasts wherever they go and take their favorite tips and techniques with them. Many clients I’ve worked with love having the audio option to go along with some of their downloadable white papers or smaller ebooks.

  3. @Richard, that would be swell, feel free!

    @Sherice, I’m becoming a big fan of audio content as well. It does seem to engage folks at a whole new level.

    @Ryan, you’re probably right.

  4. Great post, Sonia. What stuck me most was: They want solutions they can talk about. And there you have it in a nutshell that translates into the best advertising bar none = word-of-mouth.

  5. Loved this post – thank you for writing and I’m glad I subscribed. As I read this, another of way of looking at this is appealing to people’s rational and irrational sides. We all have both and we like content that appeals to both.

  6. In regards to Ryan’s comment about using simpler language to write to attract more people…Only thing I’d like you to keep in mind is I want to be challenged and have to grow in order to keep up. I like improving, getting wiser, and with the toys of today, (‘you use the word “ephemeral”. I don’t mind so much because I just drag the word to my dictionary on my Mac.’) it seems silly to not keep learning. I’m the type who always wanted to play with the older kids, because they were better. By playing with people who are better than me, it forced me to get better, or get off the court. Just one “mad man’s” opinion.

  7. Love “the eyeballs” as a grabber–but your idea about “the whole person” is a keeper.

  8. It really is true that conflicts in any relationship (even relationships with customers) are critical. At one point a few years ago I had to post a note above my desk that read: “Your customers are your friends.” If you’re like me and your personality doesn’t naturally exude the loving feelings your customers really want… you need to work extra hard to build those relationships. But if you do it will pay off in the long run. Great post Sonia!

  9. Thanks for the great post. I have always wondered not how to write good content, but how to sell good content. Isn’t that what it is all about? If you sell your site to potential “eyeballs” then you will get advertisers to want to be on your site, and then you will get paid. Or am I missing the boat here?

  10. Amen, Sonia! I am a firm believer in building copy that mimics interacting with another person. As much as our society is attracted to the sterility of communicating through technology, we are far too primal to avoid the draw of real human connection.

  11. Sonia,

    More than just what else to serve besides “eyeballs,” this gives you an effective blueprint on how to get those eyeballs too. Connecting with your audience through their heart, and allowing them to rationalize their choice through their brain is a classic selling strategy, but now providing a forum for feedback, community, etc. (the mouth) has become more important than ever.

    Thanks for the great post and truly useful insight!

  12. Sonia,
    I had never thought about the solutions being something they can talk about. But it works. Lets say you go to the tire store..the guys do a good job, get you in and out the door quickly. Now I would talk about that…it would be a first!

    People also talk about the trouble they run into. Bad Service Bad Rep.

    The internet is so fast that a better or more remarkable solution is just a click a way.


  13. Sonia,

    What a great post! Its the creative parts that will make a difference, people want something that will resonate with them and for years to come. It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate like previous posts, the best advice comes in plain common sense!

  14. An excellent post. It’s like the computer needs an input (sales message) through input devices (eyeballs) but without the CPU (heart, brain and mouth) the output (response) cannot be processed. Nice basic concept explained in a lucid manner.

  15. @Coach Kip, that’s one way to go, attract the greatest number of eyeballs and monetize the site with advertising, but it’s not the only model, and for most people probably not the best model. You can do better, IMO, by finding an audience that’s crazy about you and then making helpful offers to them. Advertising can be fine if it’s relevant and if you’ve got the traffic, but you don’t have to wait for giant traffic to start turning your blog into a viable business.

    @Franklin, sorry if it looked like it might be a bit ghoulish. 🙂

  16. Sonia,

    Excellent post and very good info! I like how you summed the article up with mentioning profit as that’s ultimately what many of us are after in the long run. 🙂

    Thanks again!


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  18. I beleive in what this post says, you have to always be looking for information to better serve your subscribers.,by finding the solutions to there problems you will begain to develope the trust factor. your subcribers need to trust you as and expert who can give them the information they are looking for before they will ever purchase anything you recommend for them.

  19. Great post, Sonia. What stuck me most was: They want solutions they can talk about. And there you have it in a nutshell that translates into the best advertising bar none = word-of-mouth.

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