And the Oscar Went to…

And the Oscar Went to…
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  1. Brian,

    What exactly is your definition of “content remixer”? It’s not clear to me why you linked to my post about RSS in a post about the Oscars.

    I’ve seen you use this phrase before, but haven’t seen you define it. I’d love to understand better what you mean.

  2. Hey Scott, I was just giving you credit. You were one of the first persons to use that term that I saw (you use it lower down in that post: “The real competition in New Media will be among content remixers. We used to call these editors — the only difference is that remixers will have a nearly infinite diversity of content at their disposal”).

    I think you defined the term and the opportunity fairly well! 🙂


  3. I thought I was the first person to use that term (Jan.2006 when speaking of Liv Tyler’s Dad).

    But that’s o.k., I give you both permission to steal it!

  4. Ok, I said “one of the first…” 🙂 Scott’s definition stuck in my head for some reason, but you’re right… in fact, that Run DMC / Aerosmith remix post of yours was my first introduction to your blog.

    I really need to get more sleep!

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