7 Worthwhile Content Marketing Links

7 Worthwhile Content Marketing Links

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  1. The “98 Content Marketing Articles That’ll Keep You Up for Weeks” — Seriously… a CUP of coffee? Not sure if I should say thanks. Might not get any work done all morning.

  2. HaHa completely agree with Linda above… Think my Saturday afternoon has now been over taken with reading and research… Teaches me for clicking on a link 🙂

  3. Hi Robert,
    Another powerful list of resources here.
    Like Linda and Mike, time to set a nice chunk of today aside, and dig in.
    Thanks for sharing with us.

  4. Love the Mark Zuckerberg article although someone rightly pointed out in the comments, one of the key ingredients missing from the recipe for success in that particular article is intelligence!

  5. Content marketing has quickly become the trend over the last year in marketing departments everywhere. The concept opens new avenues for creating, gathering, and distributing your marketing message. Content marketing, simply put, is the use of any relevant content to market your brand, product, or service. Gone are the days when your marketing department was solely responsible for writing content. Now, marketers are using white papers, guides or manuals, or any other content written by anyone in the company as marketing copy. The members of your marketing team are most likely not the people who know the most about your product or service, but whoever writes your guides, manuals, or even white papers probably does. Marketers can take datasheets or other content written by engineers, developers, or whichever employees have specific knowledge of your product or service and quickly create press releases, blogs, or other market materials. It’s a time and a chance to celebrate what your business really knows and the individuals that make it up.

  6. I love it when I get to see something old in a totally new light, and that happened with the Periodic Table of Content. A really quirky and helpful way to look at content, and it’s already given me some new ideas for future content.

    For anyone who skimmed this post, go back and check out the full article.

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