Social Media Marketing Insight from 21 Smart People (And Me, Too)

Social Media Marketing Insight from 21 Smart People (And Me, Too)

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  1. For me, social media is ideal for discovering market trends and needs in your tribe …never before has it been so easy to discover niche markets and products they want….

    As for marketing, well, it is just a matter of joining the conversation and trying to be helpful .

  2. A recommendation that starts out with skepticism! I’ve seen that copy technique explained here on Copyblogger.

    Good work, Brian. I’ve seen this book promoted elsewhere, but now I really want to check it out.

    • In this case it’s diffusing a potential objection head-on instead of pretending it’s not there. Always introduce the elephant in the room first. 😉

  3. Hi, Brian!!

    I really enjoy reading your article. You are so objective in your post that I feel delightful with the reading. This is great new piece of advice to take into account.

    I also saw that you have other articles about appealing topics.

    This book has a lof great topics about Social Media Marketing but I would like to point out that:

    Social Media is targeted and contextual in real time – social media advertising uses personal information collected from individual user profiles and cookies stored against unique IP addresses to serve up contextual ads based on profile/device activity in real time.

    Social Media’s credibility is built on peer reference – in this instance credibility is given to a persona (or personas) and a voice with a unique opinion, offering real and experience-based advice.

    Social Media allows you to reach the target audience over time, at a relevant time – via advertising, conversation and engagement. Your message can be relayed over the internet instantaneously, building momentum over time, while personalisation and situational context ensures messaging is well received.

    However there is a new wave that is comming at a huge speed and is provoking a lot of incredible changes everyday; I’m talking about Mobile Phone Web Marketing.

    I’m really interesting in this new phase of my blogging experience.
    I’m trying to make my way to Google No.1 page for my Mobile Monopoly Web Marketing strategies and I’m pretty sure this article series will help me a lot to get there.

    This strategy can put you in front of 51 million Smartphone customers in the near future.

    I hope you can check my blog.

  4. This sounds like a wonderful book, featuring lots of tools writers need to promote on the Internet. There is so much to learn, it’s mind-boggling! And things move and change so fast, we need books like this to help us keep up!

    I always enjoy your Copyblogger advice. Thank you for sending it by e-mail!


  5. Speaking of books, Brian

    Would you guys ever set up a “Books We Like” page on Copyblogger with all the books you guys recommend? I know you’ve mentioned the copywriting ones, but a master list from various niches and interests would be peachy.

    I recently read something where I believe you recommended a book about Psychology in Selling, but I can’t find it now.

  6. I’m always looking for new ways to help aid the growth of my blog and improve my overall knowledge about certain subjects. This book looks interesting, and congratulations for getting it published!

    I’ll check it out on Amazon!

  7. Is there an electronic version of this book? Looks great but I’m in South Africa and would prefer to download over paying 2-3 times in shipping costs.

    Thank you!

  8. This sounds great! I was all ready to buy it. But it’s not available electronically in the Kindle store, and I know I won’t get around to reading the paperback version.

  9. Brian, I enjoy your work and am always looking to read case studies of successful social media campaigns. Can’t wait to check it out!

  10. I dig your stuff. You’re one of only two pieces I read daily.

    I’m completely thrown off that there’s no Kindle edition of this book – seems like the target market for the book would be a Kindle or e-reader crowd. If you have any influence over this, let them know –

    Thanks! Keep the good stuff coming –

  11. Brian, your first paragraph had me. It did not sound as if you’re part of the book, but then again you’re one good writer. Will check the book, thanks!

  12. That’s a supercalifragilistic.. collection you’ve got there, thanks for sharing! Social media is reshaping the world that no one has ever imagined 20 years ago. Everything seems accessible these days, in as simple as 1-2-click. I wonder if you’ve got a collection of digital books on the subject. Cheers!

  13. Definitely less than $15 and with all those subjects it is hard not to get a copy of it. Thanks for sharing.

    P.S. I don’t mind the affiliate link for you :)…We need to make money one way or another.

  14. This is a must-read…after hearing about it through this Web site, I went out and bought a copy. Each chapter is written in a way that helps you apply the concepts directly to your own company/situation. It’s ESPECIALLY helpful in that it gives a ton of examples for online tools to use in your own social media marketing development plan…some of which I didn’t even know existed.

    Highly recommended!

  15. Success Secrets of the Social Media Marketing Superstars is truly an encyclopedia of practical techniques. This compilation of diverse contributors assures access to an encompassing insight into Social Media Marketing for a diverse readership.

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