3 Cs that Reveal the Quality of Your Blog Post

3 Cs that Reveal the Quality of Your Blog Post

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  1. Great reminder of how to effectively write a blog post that creates engagement. I write a lot of travel reviews, and I need to figure out how to implement this formula or use this more as a blue print for my own posts.

  2. Thanks for sharing your evaluation strategy. I think I usually do pretty well on clarity but I could probably spend some more time working on the continuity within my blog posts. It seems to me that spending more time in the planning stages, before actually writing, will help take care of all three of your points, then reviewing afterwards to make sure that you stuck to the plan.

    • The continuity bit is so important as it’s related to the structure of your post and that determines whether you are delivering people logically and seamlessly to your payoff at the end 🙂

  3. I always appreciate the clarity and simplicity of your blog posts. This is pretty straightforward but has given me a new way to look at writing my blog post.

  4. True words. Now that in look back at all that I have written, it sucks. Of late have been trying to cram as many ideas as possible into one article in an attempt to deliver more value to my readers. I realize now that it was a mistake. I’m going to attack my writing with more focus and create content with greater depth now.

  5. Great tips and concise approach to properly blogging for the reader. Sometimes something as easy as remaining clear and focused can be a challenge depending on the content.

  6. I do love me some clarity. I’ve been banging on about it on the Internet for 15 years, and before that I blabbered too much. My mouth never could get me those other two Cs, though. I hope my writing can. Thanks for a fine article.

  7. Inspiring content. I loved your quote, “The value of an article depends on its ability to resonate with readers.” As an aspiring writer, I need to focus more on “resonating with my readers” and less on “creating content” when I blog. Thanks for the wake up call.

    • I definitely agree that the aim of ‘creating content’ over ‘connection’ is holding many of us back from leveraging that content we create to the best of our ability 🙂

  8. Kelly,

    I will use the 3 Cs to review posts from now. 🙂 I started blogging about a year ago and never though about a technique to evaluate my writing.

    What I’ve found to be helpful is to cut back on words in the editing process. To me, it “enlightening” and distils your message to only what’s important.

    I love editing, but find it harder to write. I followed your advice to start Morning Pages and struggle to write in a stream-of-consciousness style, do you have any advice?


    • That’s so great Anh

      And with Morning Pages, the key is to give yourself permission to write absolute rubbish. Sometimes I literally write ‘I don’t feel like writing today and I have no idea what to say here so I am just going to say blah blah blah till I come up with something to say blah blah blah’.

      The other thing I find handy is starting with a simple prompt before you start writing. So tell yourself you’re going to answer the question:
      • What was good about today? OR
      • What is bothering me right now? OR
      • What am I super-excited about at the moment

      I find I start answering that question and about one paragraph later I veer off somewhere else. It’s very cool seeing where my thoughts go 🙂

      • Aww, thanks for the awesome advice Kelly!

        Now that you mentioned it, I was still under the impression that I have to write something good. That’s not the point at all of Morning Pages, huh. 😛

        Have a great day,

  9. I think this is the beauty of life: we think we know it until we see something somewhere which resonates with us so well that we feel there is still so much yet to learn and be conscious of.

    It’s all about rediscovering oneself everyday.

    Similarly, this post is so simple yet ‘nailing’! Thanks, Kelly, for writing this post – I see this is a reminder, a wake up call! 🙂

  10. Agree Saurav – that last bit you mention there is what I call ‘delivering on the promise of the headline’. The reader feels ripped off if the headline makes a promise … and the writer deviates away from delivering on that promise 🙂

  11. I agree. A blog’s content is supposed to
    1. Educate
    2. Engage
    3. Entertain.

    By being clear, the blogger passes on new ideas to the reader. Engaging content helps with continuity, keeping the reader on site for longer. Entertaining content creates a connection. This is why people love sharing entertaining articles on social media.

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