BlogWorld 2008 (The Secret Discount Code is…)

BlogWorld 2008 (The Secret Discount Code is…)

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  1. Wow that is going to be an amazing conference. Any time you and Darren Rowse are sharing a stage should make for a great panel. Wish I was attending!

  2. I have read somewhere the line that says, “Love what you’re doing and do a great job at it. Someday, someone would be willing to pay you just for doing what you love to do and doing a great job at it.” Or something to the effect. Hehe, I sure wish I could make that line into some adage or something but anyway, my point is I believe you are doing an excellent job. You are not only getting an audience online but a lot of people also want to see you speak in person about what you love to do. Believe me man, you’re a mentor in my book. I look up to you Brian and the rest of the gang! Cheers!

  3. Sure Brian, no biggie. For a minute there I also thought it was some kind of affiliate code for you. I mean, there is nothing if you earn with those discount codes anyway. People just are just so less trusting nowadays, you know.

  4. There is nothing wrong if you earn rather, hehe.. Sorry. I think you better have an edit-your-own-comments here Brian. hehe..

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