Introducing the Copyblogger Writing Job Board

Introducing the Copyblogger Writing Job Board

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  1. Is it possible to categorize the listings or include a graphic to indicate which ads are in-house full-time positions and which are freelance gigs?

  2. I just looked at the board and thought: March 05 – blimey, it’s a little out of date.

    And then I twigged.

    Us crazy Brits and our date formats…

  3. “I’m being conversational, gimme a break”

    It’s the twitter effect already! 🙂

    Jobs board is a great addition to the site Brian, thanks


  4. That’s great, Brian, that you have created this arm of your blog site. I previewed the jobs, and I’m sure that some of your finest reader-writers will be able to make proposals with confidence. I imagine that you have more work coming your way than for what the time in a day will allow…so to “share” the work opportunities with fellow writers is a win-win-win (you, them, and us) strategy. I appreciate your community thinking.

    I believe this is the first time I have posted a comment. I am only a year into this freelance writing thing, and I’ve got a long way to go in terms of building a solid portfolio of diverse writing. However, your Copyblogger articles have been nothing less than helpful, inspirational, and thought-provoking. Because of your site, I am much further along in my “new” vocation than I would otherwise be. Thank you for the interesting, challenging, and value-packed posts that add a little more strength to every word I write.

    I don’t have a website…yet. Or a blog…yet. But I do exist…really, I do.



  5. Looks great! Definitely something I’ll be keeping my eye on. I’ve gotten lots of offers to do freelancing work because of my blog, but nothing has really caught my fancy yet… maybe something good will turn up here.

  6. Hey…you trying to put me out of a job?? 😉

    Nice addition and a logical progression for CopyBlogger. Good luck with your new job board!


  7. The job board is a great addition. What about adding an editing category to the job listings? I’ve done quite a bit of freelance editing of late–and I know the need for good editors is there!

  8. Действительно интересно написано. Практически за душу цепляет, заставляет задуматься над собственным блогом. С уважением, Елена.

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