The True Power of the Blog

The True Power of the Blog

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  1. Good for you – and you are right. This is where the blogs as citizen journalism really hit the road (no pun intended). We have the power to pay attention to stories like this, see IF there is even a story, and present it without political/media filtering.

  2. Brian – Thank you so much for posting this here… somehow this on Liz’s blog and just spent the last hour following links and blogs to learn more. My brother went down in March to help clean up an area and he brought back video that stopped me in my tracks. To realize that 9 months later so much chaos, debris and need was still there…

    I think we assume because we aren’t there, it’s okay now. I have been talking about this very thing, just how powerful people can be with the reach of their blogs. I will be following this on my spot on the net too.


  3. Its amazing to discover things are out of control still in the areas effected by Katrina. Its great to see that the power of blogging can get the word out!

  4. You can link to my actual blog if you like.

    And thanks for keeping on with all this, of course. I’m actually just taking our mystery journalists out for some drinks, Char has more contacts planned, too.

  5. I’m glad that the truth is coming out. I feel blessed to be part of a media revolution where people can speak their minds and be read by millions of people. Blogs have changed my life and hopefully I can play a part in helping to change the lives of others…Great post!

  6. Yeah dude, I’m like totally into, you know, selling things myself.

    But I think you missed the point. I’ll leave your URL in there just for trying, though.

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